Hello and welcome to today’s smart blogging tutorial.

One beautiful thing about blogging is that besides posting your stuff on your blog, you can also share exactly the same post to your social media followers.

And it doesn’t even end there.

You can also share your posts automatically to all your social media platforms at the same time, be it Facebook, Twitter, Goggle Plus and even LinkedIn.

It’s very simple to post from your blog to the social media right now… And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you in today’s smart blogging tutorial.

Alright. So after submitting your blog to search engines, the next thing to do before writing your first blog post is to link your blog to your social media accounts.

This is very important because sharing your contents on social networks can help you get a good number of readers back to your blog.

Besides that, the number of social media links pointing to your blog could really help a lot in telling Google if your site is a bit popular or not. So it pays to submit your blog to these platforms.

How to post from your blog to social media, the right way.

There are basically two ways to link your social media to your blog and post from the blog to your social media.

One of the ways is to link your current social media platform or page to the blog.

The other way is to create a brand new social media accounts specifically for the blog.

For this to really work, I’ll recommend you create a separate social media profile for your blog in most cases.

Although you can still link it up with your personal accounts if you want. But it all depends if you’re focused on creating a separate social media brand for your blog different from your personal social media brand.

Now before you create any social media accounts, you will have to install some plugins on the blog that will help you link to the account.

There are so many of such free and paid plugins out there but my top recommendation is Jetpack.

The plugin is developed by WordPress itself. It’s both free and useful for many purposes beyond social media.

If you didn’t install Jetpack already, get over to the left hand side of your dashboard,
click on plugins, you’ll find “install new” pop up along other options like that.

In the next page, type in “jetpack” in the search box on your left hand side of the page and click “enter” on your keyboard.

At this stage, the plugin will pop up, click on install new and when it takes you to a new window, search for jetpack, install and activate it.

Head over to Facebook and create a facebook page. Set up all the information. Be sure everything is on brand then after that, leave the account opened without logging off.

Now move over to your WordPress dashboard, by the left hand side you’ll see jetpack on it’s own, click on settings.

When you get to the main settings area, click on social media… That will get you to the social media platforms where you will now click on the particular one you want to add.

This will pop up a dialog box that will show you both your personal fb profile and the Facebook page you just created. Choose one of them.

I’d prefer you choose your fb page because when you do, posts from your blog will automatically be sent there. Same with the personal profile if you choose that.

On a good day, it’s better to go for a fb page because it can always get people back to the blog. And from the blog to the page, unlike your personal fb profile.

Same goes with twitter. It’s very essential you have an account there too.

Follow the same steps as you did for facebook up there. Set up an account and then link it to your blog through jetpack.

And then the next is Google plus. Google plus is a very cool tool to up your social media’s search engine optimization.

Get an account on Google plus through your gmail and also link it to your blog via the same Jetpack you used for the others.

And again you can also add up LinkedIn and any other social media profile you want still by following same procedures.

Set up your account here. Make sure everything is on brand. Link it with your blog.

Be sure to include the url of your blog in all the social media profile. (you’ll find a space for this in the “settings” link).

Okay. So you’ve now linked your blog to the social media. Congratulations.

This Smart Blogging Tutorial was brought to you in conjunction with the Smart Blogging College, a place where you can learn exceptional blogging skills and get certified after 10 weeks.

If you enjoyed this free blogging tutorials please share it with your friends. Also if you’d prefer to listen to the audio version, you can follow this link to listen on YouTube.

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