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Welcome back to The Smart Blogging Tutorial.

In today’s tutorial i will be teaching you how to submit your blog to the search engine and how to share your blog posts to Facebook and other social media platforms automatically.

But what’s search engines and why do i have to submit my blog there, you ask…

Search engines are technological programs that people use to search for what they want on the internet.

A good example of a search engine is Google.

There are other search engines too… Like Yahoo, Bing, Ask.Com etc.

People use search engines to make queries on the internet.

So why should i submit my blog to the search engine?

The reason you need to submit your blog to the search engine is because for your blog to constantly come up in search results, the search engines will have to index your blog.

When they index your blog, the blog gets included in their database. This makes it possible that any time you update or write anything on your blog, it reflects in their database.

And when this happens, your blog will come up when someone is searching for something related to the topic you write on your blog.

Alright. So the most important reason you have to submit your blog to the search engines is to have your blog indexed on the search engine’s database.

But How can i submit my blog to search engines you ask…

The first search engine you’ll want to submit your blog will most likely be Google.

And there are two ways to submit your account to Google.

The first way to submit a blog to Google is to submit your blog directly using your Google account. It could be gmail or anything.

The other way is to submit it directly via the Yoast SEO plugin.

If you decide to submit your blog through the Yoast SEO plugin, your Google account will be needed too.

And you’ll follow this simple steps i will be sharing with you…if you’re using Yoast SEO plugin, click on your >WordPress dashboard area >webmaster tools, >hoose Google search console.

This will take you to where you can login your google account. Be sure you login the email account you want to associate with the blog.

After you login the account you’ll be redirected to the google search area (webmaster central, still on your google account page). This is where you’ll add the blog url.

Right on the webmasters central page, there are two methods to add your site : Alternate and recommended method.

Choose the recommended method.

After you’ve chosen the method,

click on the html button on the left part of your screen.

When that is done, a dialog box will be opened that contains numbers and figures that looks like like this one below:


Copy the code between (content) and the double apostrophe (”) like this: GSD2v2ht0g1BSfhAA5j19enTKDGyAVh7-1pQA4ORLDg.

Paste the copied code on the Google search box on your blog. (where you have the Webmaster tool verification behind Yoast SEO plugin”), Then click on save.

After that, go back to Google webmaster central and click verify (that’s on the registration area).

Your blog will be properly submitted, verified and added to google engine.

After submitting your blog to Google successfully, you’ll have to submit it to Yahoo and Bing search engines respectively

Yahoo will not ask you to create an account with them. So you might just skip that part and submit the URL of your blog directly.

To submit your blog on Bing, you will need to create an account with them then follow a simple direction on the site.

There are other search directories you’ll need to submit your blog as well.

Some of these search directories will demand that you register an account with them and have some good number of content.

Others will not require these procedures. But the ones we mentioned here are enough for a start.

After you’re done with the major search engines, you’ll now be looking at submitting your sites to the social media…

This is what we’ll be talking about in our next episode of the smart blogging tutorial.

This Smart Blogging Tutorial was brought to you by the Smart Blogging College.

You can go ahead share it and invite your friends to be a part of this tutorial… It’s time to learn everything about blogging without breaking your bank.

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