Alright can we take a little break from smart blogging tutorial today?

Cool. Let’s do it please.

So today i want to share a story with you. It’s a story that’s been shared again and again…

This story will give you a mental shift especially when it comes to writing stuff that connects with your audience… I hope to develop it further than this in the nearest future… Enjoy.

Once upon a time, a blind beggar used to sit on the steps of a building with a plate by his feet and a sign that read: “please help, I am blind”.

One day, a guy passed by him and looking at the blind beggar, he observed the beggar had only but a few coins in his plate.

The passerby decided to drop a few bucks for the beggar and then without asking for his permission took the sign, turned it around, and wrote another sign on it. He placed the sign by the beggar’ feet and left.

Later in the day, the passerby returned by the blind beggar and noticed that his hat was full of money far more than he’s seen him have before.

The beggar himself was surprised at what brought about the sudden increase in the number of people that stopped by to drop money for him.

On recognizing thw familiar footsteps, the blind man asked out if the passerby was the same person that took his sign earlier the day.

When the passerby said yes, the blind beggar asked him what he did with the sign…

And the passerby answered: “I only rewrote your sign differently”. After saying this, he went on his way.

Although the blind man never realized it but his new sign `read: “TODAY IS SPRING AND I CANNOT SEE IT”.

And those 8 words changed the whole thing about how much more he received.

You see, i use to tell my clients, sometimes the next step to your remarkable turn around is a simple change of strategies.

That’s exactly what it is. You’ve struggled. You’ve worked hard. You’ve paid your bills…

But have you ever thought about changing the way you’re doing it?

Ok let’s look at it from a different angle…

The blind man in our story could have been saying “Please help, I’m a beggar” all through his life. And that wouldn’t make him different from any other beggar. Or deserving some sort of help.

But just a little change in the wording of his sign helped him connect with his helpers in a special way. And they responded positively.

So i want to ask you…

How is your communication with the people you’re trying to reach?
What message are you passing across to them?

Real success in creating sustainable online brands and businesses starts with being able to speak to touch the heart of your clients.

Are you doing this already?

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