The biggest dream of every newbie is to deliver outstanding stuff, disrupt the status quo and become the reference point in every industry.

Unfortunately, there’s a price for every dream.

…And as it happens here,  the price for being exceptional is measuring up to the established standards and then using your achievements as the next standard in the field.

This informal rule has aborted the dreams of so many future entrepreneurs, digital whizkids, bloggers, web designers, intellectuals etc.

And the worst part of it? The few people who understand how this stuff works have kept the secret truth closely guarded to their hearts.

So this truth that no one will tell you about perfection is what I’m unbundling in this post I wrote some months ago.



Perfection is over rated!

I want to be really direct with this post.

Yesterday I published the first video of the smart blogging tutorial on YouTube.

Before I finally did that. I was very concerned about the quality of what i was sending out. So I cancelled and cancelled several of the recordings.

At a point, i knew i needed to do something. And just record the video…

Got to the day I was to publish it and I started feeling like the stuff wasn’t the best. I felt like throwing it down the thrash bin again…

Then after some back and forth argument, i was like mehn, It took me days of recording to even get there. And i published. Then i went onto something else.

After i did. I realize the video wasn’t bad at all. And i was getting worried for nothing.

Was that even necessary? 

Of course you can say: Well,  you were a newbie. It was your first video. And there’s nothing wrong making it conform to industry standards..

But, what if there was actually no way I could make it conform to any set standards without having to wait for sometime in the future or forget it altogether?

There’s this guy i respect a lot in the digital world. He’s one of the most acknowledged vlogger on the internet, with millions of views to his videos.

One day he was asked the secret to his success, all he said was about his CONSISTENCY.

About how he started and pushed his videos even when no one was watching his stuff.

About uploading videos for months without any views. And still going ahead to upload even more.

You see, throughout the interview I couldn’t notice anything like, error… I had to upload my best stuff. I had to wait until it was extremely great before I uploaded.

But I noticed he talked about consistency in uploading his stuff again and again.

Now i want you to really note this…

If you’re perfect, you don’t have need for growth. We grow because we have to be better than yesterday.

And this should be your focus as a writer, blogger, designer, student whatever… To be better today than you were yesterday.

When you go out with this mindset, it allows for consistent growth… And not only that, it inspires you to do better stuff with the hope of setting the standard some day.

When you conceptualize perfection this way, it gives you an aim and a pathway to go rather than depress or compare your stuff with others.

Personally, i am an unapologetic perfectionist. But today, i want to tell you my perfection is over rated.

Forget about whoever told you that you have to be perfect before you start out in anything. You don’t have to be. Give the stuff your very best and get started with a commitment to do better.

You see, I’m not writing this post to tell you about waiting for your best moments or celebrating mediocrity..

I want to point out something that’s very important to you…

People don’t start out with a perfect life. They start out with an idea of what the perfect life should look like and then streamline their process towards that.

The perfection you seem to see most times has been years of effort, sweat and blood from the back end which you can never get to see (in most cases)

Forget about starting out thinking you’ll be perfect in a moment. It’s not that you can’t achieve whatever you think is perfection… The thing is, you might end up putting the cart before the horse.

Perfection (if there’s anything like that) takes time, effort and sweat.

So as a newbie, instead of focusing on Instant perfection, Go ahead, set up your vision. Take a step back, give it your best shot and get started.

Don’t wait until you feel you’ve gotten the perfect stuff. Make perfection part of your growth process and you’ll enjoy every bit of it.

Waiting for you on the other side.

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