Remember those days when marketers used to interrupt your TV screen with adverts about their products?

One general pattern about those ads was the fact that they were usually aimed at getting us to buy their stuff.

Most times these guys didn’t consider the fact that they were interrupting us in the process. To them our privacy didn’t really mean anything.

People continued keeping up with this disturbing tactics until over time other measures of marketing came into play.

At s certain point, the internet arrived and everything changed.

We began to hear things like Permission Marketing.

Marketing gurus like Seth Godin started talking about strategies where you get email addresses from their owners and with their permission send them stuff about your business.

With time the term evolved to full fledged content marketing… Where you create (write, record, design) stuff that target a specific audience based on their needs.

Years after the evolution of the internet, the future of advertising has moved away from talking about how great a product is…

Right now it’s about showing the story behind the product… The narrative that makes you different from all others.

This is what is happening to marketing. And this should be good news to freelancers and small business owners.

Because you can now talk about marketing your business even when you don’t have a deep pocket like the big businesses.

Again, the time is almost here, when the world would be so advanced that there will be no great difference between a good or mediocre product.

All we’re going to have will be a collection of “good stuff” and the only thing that will spot the difference is going to be the story behind the brand.

..this is where content marketing comes in!

It is surprising. But not so surprising!

Content marketing is making advertising sexier, taking over the center stage of marketing, just as it sifts through the garbage of unwanted audience, to get your brand right to the people that matters.

To further demonstrate how content marketing is becoming the future of advertising let’s look at politics for instance…

Today, instead of talking about how fantastic and pro democratic a presidential candidate is, campaign managers look at the audience the candidates wants to appeal to and then wrap their message to resonate with the audience.

This same strategy is being repeated elsewhere. In other industry. From branding to economy…

And then big businesses from Facebook to Apple to Amazon are not just sharing their stories with audiences that matter to them, they are measuring the effectiveness of these stories and shaping it to fit with the audience.

Truth is, Content marketing gives you the power to do all these things and even more.

It gives you the power to select your audience. Choose your message. And find a way to wrap the message around the specific needs of your audience.

Also, as customers get more sophisticated, content marketing evolves with them with remarkable flexibility that allows them to even choose what they want. What time they want to receive it, and how they want it served.

Generally the business of marketing is putting your business before an audience

However content marketing instead of putting this business before an audience is focused on creating value for the audience.

It seeks to build a trust worthy relationship between you the brand and your target audience.

The effect of this is that instead of moving to any other brand, they come to you because they believe you don’t only have capacity to help them, you’re more than qualified to do just that.

That is trust. And You don’t build trust on the pages of a newspaper. Not even on a TV screen.

So while an advert shows up to say hey I’m great. I’m better. I’m all you need…

Content marketing says, hey, I know what you’re struggling to get. This is how you can get it. Here’s where you can get it. And this is how you can use it easily.

Besides everything I’ve written about content marketing on this blog, I still have lots of things to say about why content marketing is the future of marketing.

But the most important thing I’d like you to keep in mind is that content marketing gives everyone (both the powerful businesses and small businesses) a seeming common ground to go out and do something great.

It democratises the concept of marketing. And if done right can give you huge returns on investment without spending huge cash.

All this is possible!

Despite the fact that traditional marketing cannot be written off completely, content marketing is the future of advertising.

So why not go ahead and embrace content marketing, learn about it and grow your business with content marketing? 

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