Mohammed Ali not the greatest
Mohammed Ali not the greatest

The phone slipped off my hand as I struck it out with both sleeping and writing.

I must write down this blog post, that had been my thought 5 hours ago, as I got myself busy, fixing everything all day.

It was about 12:30 am after I was done consulting with 2 clients. I started writing.

Everywhere had been quiet by now. It was the perfect time every writer would pray for then all of a sudden, my body refused to cooperate.

My eyelids suddenly grew heavy. My palms slid towards the mattress then the device I was holding to type increased in weight.

It became larger than my palms. As I clung to it half conscious of what’s happening, My fingers gave way. But I wanted to write.

I wanted to write about Mohammed Ali. About his inspiring days around here.

I wanted to write about his zeal, his passion, his fighting spirit. But I ended up fighting sleep myself passionately.

Such really is life. And that was it.

You see, like Entrepreneurs, like Millennials, like Mohammed Ali, we’re all fighters.

We’re either Amateurs, Lightweights, Heavyweights etc fighting for our dreams, our goals and vision.

This is our personal boxing championship.

We fight our fears, our doubts, our failures, our insecurities because we want to win our own personal championship which happens to be the reason we’re here.

Because that’s what really matters.

So as I read Ali’s story about his struggles, his wins, his loss, his strength and strong will to rise above Parkinson’s disease after he was diagnosed for over 30 years, I see a man with a deep passion about life and his personal purpose.

Then I begin to ask myself if not in everything, at least in my life as an entrepreneur, how many of this fears, these tiredness, these uncertainties do I defeat, every now and then?

I feel, to Mohammed, success wasn’t defined by the titles, the good press, the great fortune.

It was about living everyday with the vision of where he was actually going – to become the greatest.

It was about fighting for the purpose he believed in, against every retrogressive force. Against every uncertainty, every fear and insecurity.

You see, Mohammed Ali was not the greatest. People said he was but he didn’t see himself that way.

Because anyone who’s already the greatest does not have need for improvement.

I mean where would he improve to? He’s attained the zenith, the best of bests.

You see… this is something I have to remind you. As an entrepreneur, a hustler and someone trying to make a difference…

At some point your efforts will gain traction. People will see you grow and get attracted to your success.

They will hype you and sing your praises.

But, you have to be careful so you don’t let the hype get into your head, making you think that you’ve gotten to your destination.

Remember, Ali considered himself as a work in progress. And because of this, he had to put in effort to consistently evolve and become better.

After attaining a certain height, most young entrepreneurs put down the oars because they feel they have arrived.

You have yet to arrive man! Because greatness is not really a destination, it is a journey.

Greater people innovate to stay relevant. They set new goals after every new achievement.

They put up all their strength to produce something better than yesterday’s work because no matter how long you’ve been in this business, there’s always a room for improvement.

As a millennial entrepreneur, thought leader, human being, despite the height of your achievement, there is always a room at the top.

And in this digital world of ours, you and I know that what’s fabulous today could become mediocre within a few months.

So, to sustain your success, to stay put as one of the top 10 Writers, Bloggers, Web Developers, Content Marketers, Graphic Designers or whatever, you have to innovate and stay relevant.

As i begin to conclude, i want you to know that like Mohammed Ali, you’re a fighter. The world is your ring. And there is no room for retreat. But, there is room for improvement.

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