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The power of empathy

If you were around on that 30th August, you could easily have felt the deep sense of loss hanging all over the room as I sat there on the reading chair with my back against the wall. Unlike my usual self, I was lost to everything! I didn’t notice her… Continue reading

Email subscriptions: Why people don’t respond to your offer for digital freebies

For a culture that expect more and more digital freebies handed out from the free (internet) world, you should expect they’ll gladly thank you for every little free gift sent their way… Especially on Christmas and celebratory seasons like this. But No! This is not to be. You think I’m… Continue reading

How to define success as a digital entrepreneur?

Success is one thing that means a whole lot to different people. As a digital hustler, success might mean having a lot of traffic to your blog like site A. Getting interviews like site B. Or being in the limelight like site C. Because that’s what everyone expects of you.… Continue reading

6 Figure Digital Business? Value First. Money Second.

On a good day, I just love to write! I can write series of blog posts again and again so that sometimes i’ll Just be wondering what’s up with me. Even, designing websites just for the fun of it has also become like a hobby. There are times i get… Continue reading

For Freelancers: How to get recommendations and keep your clients coming back to you even when you’re a newbie.

Of course 53 million freelancers in the US alone do not only prove that the freelance industry is the employment industry of the future.. As an aspiring freelancer, you’re a proof that this is where the world is going… That the time has come where humans can demand for more… Continue reading

How to start an internet based business with 70 percent less capital

Can I tell you something? Two years ago, the things I read online made me think of ways I could use my knowledge to help Nigerian and African businesses get on the internet. Considering my financial status and age at that time, I was like, if I ever discuss this… Continue reading

13 Final ways to make money with your website

It’s our final tutorial on how to make money with your website. Today’s tutorial will be the largest, longest and most diversified… And I will make it as conclusive as possible, wrap up this part then move on to other things. Before we start. I want you to pause and… Continue reading