13 Final ways to make money with your websiteIt’s our final tutorial on how to make money with your website.

Today’s tutorial will be the largest, longest and most diversified… And I will make it as conclusive as possible, wrap up this part then move on to other things.

Before we start. I want you to pause and ask yourself, how much money do I really want to make with my website?

How much effort am I willing to put in so I can get this? Alright. Let’s get started!

Donation Button! This is the part I missed out in the last tutorial. You can add a ‘donate button’ on your site where you ask people who appreciate what you’re doing to make willing donations towards supporting you and your cause.

This works well if your site is doing stuff that’s really affecting people positively.

Sites like Pavlina.com among many others do this and it works.

Sell your Books: So If you got your book written already you can get it sold directly on your website without so much stress. On the other hand, you can get a book you published offline re-written and published online as an eBook for your online audience.

That will also expand your market in the process.

Now, doing this does not stop you from selling on other sites like Amazon and so on. Instead, it gives you a greater control over what you’re doing beings that you’re in charge of your site.

Sell Merchandise: Selling merchandise on your website is not something too difficult to do.

To make money with a website selling merchandise, you will not just need a site, you will need a blog too. For instance, if you want to sell baby products, you’ll get a niche blog and write basically about babies and stuff about them.

The reason for this is because writing fresh posts in your niche area will get Google bots to index your site regularly. This will further make your website come up in search engines for people searching for the things you sell.  Thus, you attract new clients.

Set up Job boards: Getting a job board or job list set up is another way to make money with your website.

This could look like what we have on Problogger, where folks come advertise jobs on your sites and you get paid for it, depending on the duration of the post.

This will work very well if your site is popular in a particular niche. And by the way, at the starting, you can even reach out to companies in your niche to get their jobs listed on your site.

Use Internet advertising: Internet advertising is about using the internet to deliver promotional messages to your audience. Among the dominant internet advertising programs are Pay per click (PPC), where the advertiser pays the website owner when the ad is clicked.

Google Adsense, Bing and others: I’m sure you must have heard about Google Adsense already. It’s one of the most popular PPC programs you could use to make money with your website. All you need is register with the site, paste some codes on your website and then get started.

Cost Per Mile-CPM: This program works much like PPC. The only difference is that it pays you based on the number of page views generated on the page rather than the number of clicks.

Companies offering these programs include: Media.net.  UberCPM, BuySellAds etc.

Sponsored post: If you’ve seen folks showcase other people’s products or write about other people and what they are doing on the social media, then you’re close to what we call sponsored posts.

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Writing a sponsored post doesn’t take a lot… You could have been doing it free on the social media as you’re reading this. So going further, all you’d need is just get more serious with it, set up a price. And perhaps reach out to people to get them or their stuff featured on your website. And then get paid for it.

While doing this too, you’ll have to be concerned about your readers… Don’t just feed them with sponsored posts all of the time. Mix things up, here and there.

Set up Agency sites. Now here’s another way to make cool money with your website, as an agent of anything.

So if you’re an estate agent for instance, instead of doing your thing in that little corner of your room. Set up a cute little website. Display your stuff to a bigger audience and get the word out.

Over time, you could also get other agents to display their stuff on your site free or for a token, depending on the popularity of your website.

Photo Editing and Graphics Design: If you got a flair or some good skills at editing pictures or graphic design then nothing stops you from capitalizing on this social media and photography age.

With the increasing ability for people to capture great moments with phones and the need for quality pictures to share on the social media, you can set up a site basically for photo editing and graphic designs.

There are people making it in this niche already so there’s nothing wrong with you doing same if it’s something you can handle.

Virtual Assistant: If you got multiple skills that can be useful in the virtual world then welcome to the world of virtual assistance.

In this niche, you can set up a website and make money doing anything from managing websites for busy people, managing forums, guest posting on other blogs, managing social media accounts, writing specific emails and newsletters, project management. In fact, you could even bid for and get virtual contracts outsourced to you from companies and individuals. The list continues…

Software Writer/Web Development: Same thing goes for software writers and web developers.

In this 21st century, where advancement in technology is improving people’s lives, helping them live well and achieve their dreams, if you’re providing services like this and you’re not found on the internet, then you may be shooting yourself in the leg.

Yes. It’s time to set up a website get on out there. And make some more money out of your skills.

Writer: Let me wrap up with the writers. Dear writer, in the 20th century, your audience were usually stuck in their rooms with your book at hand.

Today, in the 21st century, things have changed. Your audience are most likely reading you on their mobile device.

They want to connect with you personally. They want to share what you wrote with their friends without paying anything for it. And if you can’t make this possible, someone else will do just that.

Get up, set up a website and make money connecting with your audience.

By the way, if you need any assistance with setting up a website or smart strategies to make money with your website, Let’s talk.

Victor Winners

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