So many people have probably told you having a killer business plan is one of the most practical ways to launch a new business.

They’ll tell you things like, come on, do the market research, see what goes, write a good business plan you’ll have to work with.

I usually applaud people who actually write this.

I mean people who started out with a business plan…

They are Smart folks. Of course! They say if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.

It sounds great. And I’ve been an apostle of writing a plan that will serve as a guideline before ever getting started with your hustle.

It gives you some kind of direction as you grow your business.

It also points you to specific steps you’ll need to take at specific times.

Now my issue with people who tell you to write winning business plans before starting your business is the fact that most of them forget to tell you that your business plan is not the business.

That it’s more like a map that makes the journey less stressful and not the journey itself. Because your business is the journey.

Here’s what most young entrepreneurs don’t get to understand.

Sometimes sitting down to formulate a business plan can take a whole big chunk of time and effort. It can even get overwhelming at a point.

If you’re like those of us who love things to follow a perfect plan, before we step out, you can end up sitting and planning for months before you do any little thing.

Trust me having a realistic plan is great. Especially if you’re in need of investors.

But, the truth is, one of the scarcest resources you’ll ever have is time. You can’t afford to wait for ages drawing a map without taking the journey.

No matter how long you plan until you work out the plan, that plan is as useless as a used tissue. This is what you should know.

There will be times you will need to keep your business moving more than you need to know what’s exactly your next step.

Plan your business wisely with the understanding that the money is in the effort not the intention.

And yes, life doesn’t remember people who had the greatest ideas. It remembers men and women who brought life to their Plans.

So get up and get to work my friend.

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