Okay. In today’s smart blogging tutorial, we’ll be talking about how to write your first blog post.

Yes. Considering that you’ve done all the necessary work. You’ve set up your WordPress blog and right now you want to get your first blog post out to the world wide web.

Now, before writing your first blog post, these are the things you must note…

First, optimize for an internet audience: A blog post is different from the kind of essay you wrote in schools back then.

So after writing your first blog post, you have to optimize it for an online audience. To optimize your blog posts, you’ll want to start with using less words in your paragraphs.

Also, take time to be more personal and conversational when you’re writing. It helps your readers relate with you much better.

All right let’s see what steps you should take before making your first blog post …

So the first thing to do before writing your first real blog post is login to your blog’s dashboard area via www.myblog.com/wp-admin/ (replace your blog name with myblog).

Before we proceed i want to really tell you about this. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing directly on your blog or not, all your posts will have to be formatted to fit in with blogging standards.

Again if you’re writing with a Smartphone, you’ll have a better writing experience if you write with a writing app on your phone and then copy it to your blog.

Alright. So after logging into your blog’s admin area, scroll up to the upper part of the dashboard area you’ll see a button with a + (an addition) sign.

Take your mouse to the button and it will give you options for like: post -> Media ->page, etc. Click on post and you’ll be taken to an empty page where you can write or paste your first blog post.

Alternatively, you can check by the left hand side of the dashboard area. You’ll see a button that lists “post” in this format Post ->Add new->All posts etc.

Click on “add new”. You’ll be linked to an empty space. That’s where you’ll write your first post.

When you get to this spot, you can start writing immediately. Or you can copy and paste a pre-written post here.

If you intend to post a pre-written post, and the particular post happens to have been saved on an email program, be sure to format it by adding or subtracting words per paragraph.

Now you just wrote your first blog post. Congratulations. You’re a blogger…

Before we just conclude today’s smart blogging tutorial, i want to inform you about search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about writing your blog posts in a way that will make it easily findable by both the search engines and people on the internet.

If you optimize your blog posts very well, you’ll have a good measure of organic traffic. Especially from Google and other search engine.

Search engine optimization is a whole big area of blogging on it’s own. A good knowledge of SEO or lack of it can make or mar your blog so you’ll need to work on it a bit before publishing your first blog post.

You can start this by checking out the most relevant keywords in your niche. Ask yourself for instance, what will someone looking for the topics i write about type into Google?

So if you’re writing about football betting targeting ‘beginners’ for example, in your keywords research you might notice that people searching for football betting always use the following term to search Google :”what is football betting” “how to win football betting” football betting tips”.

If you want to optimize your posts for that audience, you’ll want to include that keyword in your post repeatedly in such a way that looks both natural and findable without looking spammy or un-readable.

Done well, this will help the search engine bring up your posts when readers search for write-ups like that on the internet.

There’s a steep learning curve to search engine optimization but here’s where we’ll stop in today’s smart blogging tutorial.

This smart blogging tutorial was brought to you by Victor Winners Dot Com! In conjunction with the Victor Winners Smart Blogging College.

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