Write your first blog post in Nigeria

Regardless of how many years of experience you’ve had as a writer, the pressure that comes with creating a good impression for your first blog post can be quite overwhelming.

As someone who’s once been here, I remember how tasking it was. Considering that you want to create a good first impression as much as possible, getting the head start with one’s first blog post can be quite demanding.

Over the years, I’ve found some solid strategies that’s helped my students in their blogging journey and in this guide, I’ll be taking you through some of these strategies, in the following paragraphs…

The first thing you want to do before getting to write your first blog post is to choose a goal.

Considering that this is the first post you plan to create for the blog, you want to find out why exactly you’re blogging, doing this sets the tone for your first and subsequent posts.

If your first blog post is going to be an introductory post to introduce your blog then you need to be sure about that at this stage and then set out to create the outline accordingly.

Creating a specific goal for your blog post gives you a yardstick to measure it’s success over time.

Now that you’ve figured out why you want to write your first blog post, you want to go ahead and find out about your potential readers. Who exactly are they and where can you find them.

Specifically you can ask this question using the following order:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • Where are they and
  • Why should they care about my post?

These are crucial questions you want to ask about your audience. Asking this gives you a fair idea about who you’re writing for, the kind of content that matter to them and how you can get them to develop interest in your content.

This is a crucial knowledge you need to know before you write your first blog post, if you really plan to open your post with a bang.

To make it even more detailed, go ahead to find out their geographical location and some other important details about this audience.

This knowledge will help you to tailor your post around them effectively. And doing this will get you to create a far better outcome with your first post.

To have a clear idea about your audience, use the strategy listed in this post to identify your audience.

Most new bloggers are not aware that using the right keywords are very important in getting your content a better visibility on the search engine.

Personally, I wasn’t very much aware of this when I got started but regardless, I paid for this dearly. But you don’t have to write your first blog post without having some idea about key words and how to use it. That’s why you’re reading this.

First of all, Key words are search terms used by search engine users to make search queries on search engines like Google, Bing etc.

Understanding your industry keyword is important because it indicates what your audience are already interested in and actively searching for on the internet.

Knowing this, gives you an idea about the kind of post you should create, based on those keywords. Furthermore, to create a better visibility for your first blog post, you can optimize your content using these keywords.

Now that you’ve fixed the preliminaries, it’s time to write your first blog post with a bang.

Now before you get started here you need to know that your post needs at least there parts viz: Introduction, Middle part, Conclusion.

The introduction introduces a reader to the post making them want to continue reading it by all means.

The middle part will be used in explaining the major content of the post while the conclusion will serve as the closing and your call to action.

These are the three parts your blog posts should have and you have to pay attention to each of these part.

Remember, to keep a reader reading your post, you need a powerful introduction that draws them in. For the middle part, you have to sound convincing, using anecdotes, personal experiences, citations etc.

Finally, for the concluding part of your post, try using a catchy call to action that will get a reader to take an action after reading your post. This can be something as simple as “Drop a comment”, “Share” or “Follow our blog”. Whatever works for you.

The title you create for your post is very crucial to the success of that post. In fact, It is one of the things that will make a potential reader decide whether they are going to read your post or not.

Most people start with creating a title before writing a blog post while others create the title after the blog post has been written.

Regardless of whatever works for you, before you write your first blog post, pay attention to using words, phrases and adjectives that will capture the attention of your audience, while creating your post title.

As much as possible, make it captivating.

Instead of using bland words, focus on using power words and interesting adjectives that will make a potential reader to click on your post much more easily.

PS: Trying to sound captivating does not mean you should sound unrealistic, dishonest or scammy, be very real and honest.

While this is not something to be done before you write your first blog post, editing is certainly something you have to do before you publish your post.

Before clicking on the publish tab, you want to edit your post to remove all typographical errors and other mistakes.

While editing your post, also look out for the number of sentences in each paragraph.

As much as possible, do not include too many sentences in your paragraphs. It makes reading tiring for users. Keep your paragraphs minimal.

Be sure to leave as much white spaces as possible between each paragraph. It’ll be very useful for you.

Also, be sure to add images and pictures to your post before publishing it.

Again, remember to add a strong call to action at the end of your post.

This can be a call for people to subscribe, promote or share your posts on their social media.

Keep this as part of the things to look out for while editing your posts.

Now that you’ve successfully taken the steps above to write your first blog post, it’s time to publish and promote it.

I must tell you, this is the most important part of blogging, the publishing and promoting part. Especially for beginners.

You don’t just want to click the publish button. After publishing, you want to promote the post so that many more readers can see it.

After publishing your post, get over to the social media and other platforms to promote it.

Considering that it’s your first post ever, promoting it will get to yield more results as more people will be willing to support you.

That’s why at this point you have to promote your first blog post to as many platforms as possible, after getting it published.

Final Words

Congratulations on your first post.

Now that you know all it takes to publish your first blog post, it’s time you head over and go write the post.

After writing it, publish and promote the heck out of your first blog post.

Remember to post and promote subsequent post consistently also. This is very important. And of course, to learn more about blogging and how to evolve a successful blog, join other students in our smart blogging course here.

Now it’s over to you. What are your biggest challenges as an aspiring blogger? Drop your comments below.

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