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Today’s post is for everyone who’s been asking me, hey Victor, why does my business need a website?

I will try to answer your questions in a very brief way without wasting your time. After reading this if you have any further question please don’t hesitate to drop a comment. I’ll be glad to answer you. *winks.

Ok. So I’m sure you’ve heard tons of stuff about owning a website. It’s more like the latest cool around the business world right now. I mean, almost everyone is having one website or the other. And you’ve been wondering, does my brand need a website too?

Well, as a matter of answering that question, i want to ask you, is your brand something you’d like so many people to recognize? Are you in the business of creating value and making profit in return? or are you trying to create some outstanding ripples around the world?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then you need a website. And it doesn’t matter if you’re running a one man show or some corporate organization.

The fact that you want to create outstanding value, expand your influence and make profit makes you stand out as a business entity. So permit me to address you as a small business.

Now that we’ve dealt with the question, let’s delve a bit further on why you really need a website…

Alright. So In this post, you’ll learn every single thing I’ve learned about why you need a website to gain massive influence for your small business. And all the possibilities you can achieve for your business with a single website. Lets dig it.

So the number one dream of every business is to create ripples and make some good money. If you’re not doing this then you’re obviously not in business.

But, in between achieving this dream and getting the high end results, there are certain strategies you must have in place. And one of those core strategies currently is having a smart business website.

But how does owning a small business website help you achieve your dreams of reaching more people and making more sales?

Let me answer that below…

1 Having a website shows people that you’re doing serious business. Yes. And this is because every business in the 21st century is expected to have a website.

You know, it’s more like the latest cool. So when you tell people I’m into so and so, they’ll be like, what’s your website, let me check you up on the internet. And if you don’t have one, you can instantly lose a potential client.

2. Having a website increases your reach. As a small business, or a business on budget, starting out with your own website helps you get your business out there to people who might never get to reach your offline office.

Because you don’t have so much money for great press release on major news papers, television and huge marketing campaigns, you can leverage your website to get the message out.

Right from your website you can promote your business to as many media platforms as you want with some great marketing strategies. Trust me, only the sky will be your limit.

3. Having an increased reach means you will have new clients. Many new people will get to know about you and your business. And this is without extra cost to you except you really want to pay for advertising.

Because your website has the potential to reach far more people than your most circulated printed prospectus, you can easily get extra people in on what you’re doing and how your business can be of help to them.

4. When many people know about your business, they get to buy from you or recommend your products or services to their friends.

And this is far easier to be done these days because social media allows people to stay more connected with friends unlike before.

So with a single click , your website url can be shared and reshared to people you’d never even imagine because it’s really easy to share.

5. Your website gives people opportunity to learn about your business without leaving their rooms. Imagine the comfort of sitting right in your room to browse about the latest model of iPhone in the United States without having to travel all the way down.

When you have a website with complete information about your products and services, you give people the chance to do just this.

Having a one stop place for information like this, reduces your customers’ stress of calling your office or paying their way down there just to make some inquiries. Who doesn’t love the ease?

6. Gives you a global platform where customers can contact you. With your website, your clients will not need to have your complimentary cards before they can reach you.

Your website gives you the opportunity to set up your contact details, emails, phone number and even schedule your best calling hours on a single page where people can access from wherever they are.

Like i always say, the first client i ever worked for contacted me directly through the contact information on my website. And ever since then, many other people have been able to contact me right through that page.

7. Your website can save you some money. Instead of going out to advertise your business on newspapers and magazines etc, you can use your website to promote your business as wide as you want.

Even when this will need some real effort on your site, the effort will end up in a great experience which you can as well leverage on to increase income.

8. It helps you advertise to the right audience. With huge analytics tools on search engines and social media, you’ll want to use your website to target specific audience through Google ads, social media advertising etc instead of going for the usual brick and mortar adverts where you can hardly reach out to the exact target audience.

9. Owning a smart website helps you cut printing and mailing costs. Like I mentioned earlier, you can decide to use your website to promote your marketing materials instead of using offline printed materials.

So if you’re a business that should be sending mails, you can get your pre-made stuff posted on the site and your target audience gets to download or use them without having to wait for you to mail it to anything. This saves you cost and time.

10. Helps you sell to anyone anywhere. One of the core benefits of having a website as a small business is that it helps you get across to a global audience.

So your website helps your small business move out from being that little business for people in Ikeja right into a global business that can be accessed from any part of the world.

When this happens, instead of selling for your locality alone, if you have the capacity, you will be able to sell stuff to people from any part of the world who are in need of your products and services.

11. Owning a website can help you operate your business from any part of the world. Now this means that you can be selling a product that targets people in the United Kingdom without having to be in the UK.

If you’re providing services for instance, you can also get to target clients outside your locality or country of origin. In essence your website can really bridge the distance gap between you and your target audience without much cost compared to running such business without a website.

12. Do business 24 hours. One of the core benefit of having an online presence as a small business is that it enables your business to run 24 hours, 7 hours a day without necessarily having you around.

Talk about the about page of your website which contains information about your business. You don’t have to be there to answer questions about your business to people on the internet. Your about page does that.

Again when it comes to stuff like automation, if you’re selling an e-book on your small business website for instance, people can get to buy them at anytime whether you’ve closed for the day or not because you’ve had the whole transaction set on autopilot.

Now you can’t do that if you’re running an offline business.

13. Your small business website provides you a spot to showcase your work, testimonials and everything in between. Talk about displaying your portfolio on your website, you can find a suitable spot on your site to display your latest work, awards or recognition so your customers can see it.

It boosts your brand credibility.

14. Helps you provide better customer service. With a blog post or newsletter or frequently asked questions section, you can use your website to engage with your customers and get to serve them better.

You can also use the page to keep them updated on your latest information about your products and services, provide a robust service by answering their questions directly or even share great posts with them from time to time.

15. Hold virtual meetings, conferences or product launch with your customers from anywhere in the world. Another top advantage of having a small business website is the possibility of hosting your products launch or seminars on the internet without paying for all the usual expenses.

And by the way, besides all the benefits i mentioned here, there are so many other ways you can make money directly from your website.I listed them here.

I really believe owning a website is one of the smartest strategies every small business can leverage to cut cost and increase profits. And this brings us to the end of this series.

I really want to thank you for being such an amazing learner. Drop any questions you have in the comment section and i’ll be glad to answer them.

Victor Winners.

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