PRESS RELEASE: Latest WordPress update: How to add videos and audio to WordPress

Hey all ye bloggers. Great news for you guys.

The latest WordPress updates, WordPress 4.8 allows us to add videos and audios directly to our WordPress website without touching any single code.

Hold in! That’s not all. The latest WordPress update also allows you to edit custom links on your site without breaking the links or destroying your hard work.

So what does this mean?

It means that if you’re a lover of video or a once in a while vlogger like me and many others, henceforth, you won’t have to get another plugin before you can update videos on your WordPress blog.

The latest WordPress update allows you to add your videos directly to your blog without needing any third party plugin.

So with the new widget, you can now go create that beautiful welcome video and update it on the sidebar of your blog or specific pages without wasting time???.

Same for podcasters, singer, journalists etc.

You can now record your powerful audios and add them to your media library then make it live on your blog’s sidebar, through the new WordPress audio widget without needing any plugin.

This is just amazing. It means you can also take the same content and make it into different formats.

So if you have a content on “internet marketing strategies ” for instance, you can also turn it into videos or audio and share it on your blog.

And here’s the plus…

You can also add quick images about your latest stuff to keep your readers in touch with what you’re upto, still in the widget area.

Blogging is becoming more fun.

It’s exactly like eating your cake and keeping it. And only WordPress can give you such powers.

NOTE: To be able to enjoy this feature, you’ll have to be update your website to the latest WordPress update.

Login to your admin dashboard area to do that. After updating it successfully, you’ll find these addons at the appropriate places so you just use them right away.

Welcome to WordPress 4.8.

Happy blogging y’all.

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