So you wake up this morning and begin to wonder how to make a difference in your life and other people’s life even when you don’t own a bank.

Your first instinct tells you it’s impossible.

You feel a bit sad about the idea and then begin to wish it was all different.

Suddenly, a thought dropped on your mind. Blogging. Yes blogging.

I could start a blog, you say to yourself. I could use a blog to reach an international audience.

Immediately you begin to recount the number of people who are using a blog to achieve their dreams and you begin to wonder why you never thought about this earlier.

It’s a crazy world you know. But since early 2000, millions of people like you have used blogging as a tool to influence a whole lot of people, sway opinions and even make money in the process.

Blogging has become a tool not only for journaling but for shaping opinions, raising thought leaders and a business opportunity for so many people especially young millenials in Nigeria, Africa and other Third World countries including India etc.

For someone who’s been blogging for over four years now, I can tell you, blogging is one of the greatest tool you can use to wield as much influence as you want.

With over 170 million blogs on the internet as at 2011 and over 150,000 added to the internet everyday, you’ll have to understand blogging is one thing that every smart person and business should be doing.

It’s a fact that so many people don’t really understand how to blog right. So in conjunction with our Smart Blogging College, I’ll be hosting a series of tutorials for newbie bloggers and others who’d be interested in refreshing their blogging skills.

It’s going to be one of the finest tutorials to come from an African blogger. And I’m going to teach you the same stuff people pay to learn, free. So i want you to be really expectant.

Throughout this series of posts on blogging, I will teach you everything about blogging. From setting up your blog, to writing, sharing your posts and promoting your blog.

Spread the word. Share with other bloggers.

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