Is it just about writing stuff online and making money?

You can’t help asking yourself sometimes.

Everyday folks tell you about how you can make money blogging and you’re wondering the exact thing that keeps people like yours truly blogging for days.

Perhaps they enjoy wasting time on the internet. Or they just want to get popular you say.

And then you tell yourself, maybe if i knew what it’s all about i could actually get to join them.

Enough of all the confusion my friend.

I’m here to help you. I will show you why people and businesses engage in blogging.

That’s why i started #smartbloggingtutorials so you can learn the background stuff about blogging.

You’ve asked yourself several times, what is blogging?

And i feel you really have to understand what blogging is about so you can get to appreciate it what we’re about discussing.

So i won’t even go use some dictionary definition anyway. I will break it down for you.

Blogging is the art of writing on a web log. A blog is a corrupted form of weblog.

It was so named because of the way it appears like a journal where people just record down things on the web from time to time. So it was called weblog. And later shortened to blog.

The art of recording stuff on the web log was later to be called blogging. And a person who writes on a web blog called blogger.

As a matter of fact, writing on a blog became quite different from the general kind of writing in schools.

Bloggers decided to use conversational tones while writing online and this really helped readers, making blogs a bit simple and more interesting to read.

Now that was quite a brief background into blogging. Let’s dig into the reasons why people blog.

1. Make money online. So the number one reason why most people blog is the idea about making money on the internet. Yes. That’s the reason why 70 percent of blogs and websites exists on the internet. To make money online.

Forget about the other sweet things folks tell you. One of the primary reason why people blog is to provide value that will enable them earn money in the process. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

And if that’s also your motive for starting a blog, there’s nothing wrong with thinking about making money with a blog either. What matters is the strategies you’ll use to attain the aim. That’s all.

2. Communicating and sharing valuable feedback with clients. Blogging has helped businesses and organizations share industry leading information with their clients and customers.

Companies with international clients in particular have been able to update and dispense information to their clients at different intervals notwithstanding difference in time and space.

Blogging has helped to bridge information gap between companies and their clients.

3. Getting more exposure. So many businesses and individuals engage in blogging in order to gain more exposure.

Considering that your blog can be read from anywhere, blogging helps your business spread as far as your blog is shared and read by people around the world.

4. Adding value to lives. Another big reason people get to set up a blog on the internet is the idea about adding value to other people’s lives. Or should i call it changing the world.

You remember those days when you were tired of the pain, injustice and poverty in your locality.

You looked for a way to make some difference then considering that you can’t actually set up a school, you set up a blog to teach people ideas that will change their lives and reduce poverty in your community.

That’s one of those reasons people blog. To add value to other people’s lives even when they don’t have everything.

Things like this are one of the reasons i keep writing here too. To share these things I’ve learned over time so you too can learn and add value to other people’s lives.

5. Building a portfolio. Blogging has become one of the easiest way to build online portfolio. Especially for aspiring writers, freelancers and whoever you can think of.

Your blog gives you a one stop place where you can have a display of your best work for people all around the world. And it doesn’t just end there… I’ve heard a few people talking about how their blog helped them land some job.

So stuff like that happens. And if not for anything, for the fact that, an ability to write on the internet has given some folks advantages in certain kind of jobs like that.

6. Building tribes and followers. Consistent blogging has not only helped some folks build large number of followers.

Several bloggers have become thought leaders commanding huge influence in different industries. Just because of their blogs. Talk about those fashion bloggers, relationship, motivational bloggers etc.

I will not mention bloggers that went on to build businesses from their large followers or those ones that have scored interviews, reviewed stuff, earned free trips etc.

I’m sure you know that many bloggers today are enjoying some form of celebrity status just because they own a blog.

All these confirms that blogging is one of the easiest ways to build a global following and become a thought leader.

7. Sharing their life and passion. So many bloggers find joy sharing their passions and life on their blogs.

Most of them see it as a sort of therapy. More like the same feelings you get when you journal your daily experiences or passions.

So instead of journaling for their eyes alone, they write down a diary of their experiences or passions and keep it open for others to read.

I Some other reasons why people blog include building up professional network, sharing their knowledge, marketing their businesses and so much more.

The reasons why people blog is almost inexhaustible. But I’m sure the few points here has been able to clear your doubts about blogging.

This smart blogging tutorial was brought to you in conjunction with the our Smart Blogging College.

I’m glad you read this. And i look forward to sharing our next tutorials soonest.

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