So we’ve finally discussed about the reasons why people blog in our last tutorial. Congratulations.

Before we proceed in the Smart Blogging Tutorial, I want us to consider the most important thing that matters if you really want to blog successfully.

It’s called niche selection. That is, the act of choosing a particular topic for your blog.

In today’s tutorial, I will show you everything you need to know on how to choose the perfect blogging topic for your blog.

As a new blogger, you’ll have to take out time to do this because sometimes your blogging topic can be the major determinant of your overall success as a blogger.

Especially when it comes to finding readers or making money with your blog.

Before we go further I want to quickly point out something to you.

The two dominant blogging model.

There are basically two models of blogging. Journalistic blogging and Expert Styled blogging.

Journalistic blogging model focuses on news-like blogging etc.

This style of blogging can be seen in news websites, gossip blog, magazines and journals etc.

And then the Expert model focuses on writing instructional posts like what you have here on

So in the first place, you’ll want to choose a blogging model that will suit your blogging goals.

That said. Over time, the expert model which I will focus on in this post has been divided into two broad areas. The mega niches and minor ones.

The mega niches covers the three most basic needs of humans. Health, Finance and Relationships.

These are the three important topics that we humans are naturally wired to be interested about.

Every other niche falls under these ones.

Although some newly developed mega niches have come up over time… These niches I mentioned have been the most prominent ones.

Initially we used to tell new bloggers, go for what you’re passionate about.

Today things have changed. The smart thing to do is to find out what you’re passionate about.

And also find out if there’s a reasonable number of people interested in such topic.

The reason you will have to find this is because it’s easier to build a loyal audience from people who are already passionate about a particular topic.

Again, before we proceed I want you to understand something…

While there’s almost an audience for every blogging topic on earth, there are several areas where there’s a ready made audience already.

Finding such niches helps you target your blogging and marketing activities towards them.

How to find your blogging topic.

Ok. So like I said, so many people come up with the idea of “oh I want to blog and become my own boss”

Yes it’s a beautiful aspiration. After all, being in charge of our own lives should be our highest goal as humans.

But before you aspire to choose the perfect blogging topic that will help you become your own boss as a blogger, you must ask yourself some salient questions.

Questions like…

1. what exactly am I deeply passionate about or have in depth experience on? For instance this could be Cooking, Sports like Cricket, Music or anything.

2. Is there some other people passionate about the same thing? Tools like Google keyword finder can help you find information on this.

3. Is there a way I can take this my passion or experience, package it and share it over and again as information on my blog or even teach people about it?

When you answer these questions you’ll find an idea that will help you choose the perfect blogging topic and a niche for your blog.

Here are the 4 mistakes to avoid when you’re choosing a topic for your blog…
  1. Don’t choose a blogging topic just because you see people making money writing about it.
  2. Don’t just start writing about something you’re passionate about without finding out if others are interested in the same topic.
  3. Don’t choose a niche you have very little experience on except it’s a topic you’re actively engaged in learning about.
  4. Don’t blog about every single topic that interests you. Give your brand a focus so that over time you will be seen as an expert in a specific area.

Even if you don’t really have an experience on the topic you’d want to blog about, if you’re passionate about the topic and ready to learn, you can get a blog and start blogging by sharing the learning experience as you progress with it.

Now with these steps I hope you’ve been able to find an idea about the perfect niche for you?

If you have any question or need further explanation, drop your question in the comments section and I’ll be glad to answer it.

The smart blogging tutorial was brought to you in conjunction with the Smart Blogging College.

See you in our next tutorial.

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  1. Thank you for covering this topic. Yes, it’s very important to find the best way for yourself to make a keyword research. Because we understand the importance of this process. It gives us the opportunities to boost our google ranking and understand our audience better knowing their intents. I work with as the best addition to Keyword Google Planner. Together these tools can make the process of finding appropriate keywords much easier. What is your approach?

    • Thanks for the feedback Richard.

      Indeed keywords research is very important when it comes finding the right blogging topics and content marketing generally. Also using these keywords research tools helps a lot in simplifying the whole process

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