Welcome to today’s tutorial on how to use the internet for outstanding influence.

Today I’ll be showing you how you can use the internet to triple your influence as a brand.

want to tell you about one of my proudest moments. It didn’t happen too long ago anyways. Just recently.

So that day i was walking through the University of Lagos towards one of those auditorium.

Along the way, one guy walking towards my direction kept looking steadily at my face. I felt a bit uncomfortable. Of course he was a total stranger.

He kept walking along. At some point he motioned at me. I stopped. With my heart beating a bit faster.

Are you Victor Winners? As he asked that question i kept blinking my eyes like to answer or not to answer.

After a brief moment, i said yes, I’m Victor Winners. Then I saw this smile spread across his face.

He was like, wow! I’ve been reading your blog. So glad to meet you in person. You’re a law student? What are you doing here? Do you school here?

I smiled back at him. He asked so many questions which i answered. After that he made to move and we both exchanged pleasantries.

After the incidence, i was like Wow. Victor, so that’s how you just became a celebrity? Lol.

Seriously, A-Class, B-Class, Z-Class, whatever my blog made me a celebrity that day. ???.

That’s by the way. But to be sincere that’s one of those exciting moments i hardly forget.

Events like this keeps me going most of the time.

When people email or call me to inform me about how my write up helped them, It makes me feel like oh I’m adding value to someone’s life.

Someone out there is looking forward to reading the stuff I write. So i must not fail to deliver.

See let me tell you something. If you’re in the business of selling (which all of us are), one of the greatest ways to build trust with your potential clients is building friendships like this.

You need to up your game from being that self centered salesman always trying to get buyers for his services, to being that great guy always seeking to add value.

It makes selling easier for you. I mean when you genuinely add value to someone, you build some bond with them.

It doesn’t matter if they buy from you immediately. But that particular action waters the ground for you.

It makes it easier for you to sell to them when it’s time. And on their part, it makes them more open to listen to you. Because they will certainly feel like they owe you a favor.

Trust me, i do this all the time. This is one of the best ways to have folks recommend you to their friends if they themselves don’t have need of your products or services immediately.

With your website you can evolve a system of content marketing that sets you out as the expert that you are.

Forget about being the expert in your offline office. Right now one of the best place to declare your expertise is on the internet.

On your website, blog and social media platforms.

That’s what it is. It’s not easy to sit down and write high quality, well researched and valuable stuff on a regular basis.

So if you can do this regularly, you’re giving your readers a reason to believe that yes, you’re the guru. You have the good stuff right up there.

This action alone is more of a social proof in itself. It triples your influence.

Compared to a book? Yes writing a book is great. It cements your social proof. Especially if you wrote some great content in the book.

On the other hand, your website is something you update with content all the time. It spreads all over the internet.

People read your blog posts free and whenever you write them. Unlike your book which they must buy before they can read it.

To be frank, your website can even drive people to buy your books. Because when they see the value in your blog posts, they may want to go in deeper.

So depending on how you promote it, they ask for your books.
This is the surest way to triple your brand influence and drive sales.

You can be saying, oh no Victor, i got a great social media following. I post about my book and people love it there so i don’t need a website.

But one question you should also ask yourself is this: How many times does my social media posts about the book comes up in search engine results?

Yes. I mean that’s a great question to ask. Because everyday people are searching for stuff on the search engine, on Google.

Stuff that relates to the exact questions your book answers.

But are they able to see your book as part of the search results?

Like I’ve always said, most social media posts are not competitive enough to appear in search engine results page when people search for topics that relates to it.

A case in point is the facebook posts on your profile timeline. This one never comes up in search engines anymore.

There are a few social media platforms that allows the search engines to index your social media posts but like I said they are just few.

And since the platform is another person’s, if your posts gets one of your friends upset, they can report it and have it removed.

It’s happened to me before. You wake up one day and your great content is gone.

It’s time to fasten up your seatbelt and get your content some home somewhere.

Don’t just post on your social media platforms. Spread your great content on your website. Let the search engine announce you to the world. And triple your brand influence.

There are so many people who’ll benefit from your products and services if only they were able to reach you, outside your social media platforms.

Yes. And like I mentioned sometime ago, i got my first major job directly from my website.

Yesterday, i read a report that says that 95 percent of the things we buy is based on sentiments.

If this is true. Then that means we don’t just buy stuff because of the nature of the products and services, we buy because we believe that’s the solution we need.

We believe in the sellers. We want to build a relationship with sellers of those products or we want to be a part of that awesome brand etc.

Think about Apple. There are other great products with huge value like Apple products at even cheaper prices.

But you keep buying Apple products because of that classy feelings you attach to the Apple brand.

Now, that classy feeling was created because Apple understood the concept of using the internet to triple brand influence. And they launced into it before their competititors.

They showed up on the internet to display the awesomeness of their brand before the others. Now the competition is just trying to catch up.

Are you getting this?

As a close, i want to encourage you, get yourself a website that makes you standout from the noise. Give people a reason to choose you as the expert.

Go out there and triple your brand influence with the internet.
Have a winning Wednesday.

Victor Winners.

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    • Absolutely. It’s going to happen a whole lot of times. LOL. Thanks for the comments Cheryl

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