Welcome back to our tutorial on how to make the internet work for you  your business.

In today’s post, we’ll talk about how you can use content marketing to promote your brand on the internet.

So whenever i write stuff like this on the internet, i begin to see myself as changing the world in a special way. I feel like I’m playing some part in shaping the world from a little corner in my room.

Honestly, i don’t think i would have had any other opportunity to do this right from the comfort of my room, if not for the internet.

Perhaps i would have had to meet you in person to say this. Or travel down to some place where we’d all gather to talk about this.

Imagine the inconvenience and expenses that would have caused us, 20 years ago.

Seriously, this feeling of making a difference without being any special somebody or owning the whole world spurs me to keep writing even when I don’t feel like it.

There are days people drop comments on my blog, telling me how helpful my content had been to them.

At some point, a handful of people have been able to set up their websites, tweak their business and find answers after reading up my posts.

Things like this keeps me coming back to create these contents.

Because these guys have not only found solutions through my website, over time, they’ve come to see my site as the go to place whenever they need particular answers like that.

So i don’t have to disappoint them.

See let me tell you something important at this point.

1. As an entrepreneur, people will buy the solutions you provide only when they perceive that you can actually offer the solutions.

Yeah. So how can you present yourself to them as someone that’s more than capable to provide valuable solutions?

That Is when content marketing comes in to play. Let’s define content marketing before we move on.

Ok. So content marketing is a strategic marketing approach where you focus on creating and distributing, valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract a specific audience so you can drive customer action in the long run.

It happens that when people get to read your stuff on the internet consistently, they begin to see you as an expert in the niche, based on the depth of knowledge you share through your posts.

And then when they need such services, they just come to you. This is exactly how I get some of my clients.

You could tell yourself hey Victor, I’m already using some social media platforms for my content marketing.

As a matter of fact, the social media is just one aspect of the whole of what should make up content marketing on the internet. You can ask me about the rest.

2. Another thing I want you to note is that content marketing is one of the key things that have raised the perception of some big brands you see on the internet.

Talk about brands like Dooce, Seth Godin, Neil Patel and so on.

These guys have used great content marketing strategies, to spread the word about their brands, increasing their expert perception and brand equity in the process.

Think of how many people would have used Neil Patel’s services if he didn’t write strategic content that provides deep value to his audience, helping them get some things accomplished.

At some point, you will have to realize that content marketing is more like advertising your products or services in a subtle way, giving your audience a reason to choose you above your competition

Imagine what happens to you and your brand when you don’t tell people about it.

3. Content marketing gives your brand a human face. As humans, we are wired to relate to people we can trust. People who have same experiences like we do.

And when you share your journey, the struggle, your breakthroughs and everything in between, you give your audience a chance to mirror themselves through your stories.

This creates a deeper connection between your audience and your brand.

Considering this, it’s more beneficial to you, if your clients see you as that down to earth brand that’s personable.

Being able to see, read through your journey, story and the whole lot that shows your humanity in the midst of your professionalism makes them feel like they know you to a great extent.

They begin to feel like they are already a part of your journey and growth process.

Trust me, we all love to be a part of something great.

Again let me chip in this: the difference between brands that are remarkable and the others that people easily forget is in their story.

And content marketing is one of the best ways to spread your story as a brand.

4. Content marketing projects you as a leader. One of the prime benefits of content marketing is that it helps you share your story.

Sharing your story especially the inspiring part of it gets people who are yearning for the same results to bond with you. Because they see you as one of their own.

They come to believe that since you’ve already had the same results they are aspiring to get, you can also lead them to getting theirs.

This automatically raises your brand perception and gives you the chance to lead them to accomplish their goals.

If you’re providing services for instance, you should never underestimate the power of content marketing in raising a tribe of dedicated following.

This is one of the ultimate reasons for content marketing. To project yourself as the leader, the guy with the solutions that will help your target audience achieve their aspirations.

5. Content marketing helps you Grow. Spread. Influence. Talk about reaching the right target audience with the most affordable resources, content marketing helps you do just that.

Instead of TV commercials that don’t really create as much results because it spreads over an overwhelming audience, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, Google ads and then your blog, you can create now content that targets the exact audience that’s in need of your products and services on the internet without breaking a bank.

Imagine the Returns on Investment you reap when you get your stuff in front of the people that actually needs it.

And the most interesting part of it is that even our traditional media houses have moved over to create a space on the internet.

I believe this should give you an idea of what the future of spreading your brand message with content marketing really looks like.

Alright so that’s where I’ll stop for today on how to use the internet to increase your brand.

Until our next post on this topic, have a winning Weekend.

Victor Winners.

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    • Absolutely. Search engine optimization is very important in getting found on the internet. There are also some other strategies outside SEO like linking to other blogs, guest blogging, using your url as email signature etc. Neil Patel also wrote some cool stuff about these here.

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