How to change the world with the internet and get paid for itIt’s time to change the world with the internet and get paid for it. That’s exactly what  you’ll learn at the end of this post.

To be sincere with you, i feel excited each time i look at the massive opportunities that has been made possible since the advent of the internet especially down here in Africa.

Imagine 20 years ago, you would hardly believe that Elewa in Kenya could interact with Oscar in faraway Australia talk less of doing some transactions with him.

Today the whole thing has changed.

Elewa can interact with Oscar in Australia within split seconds.

As if that’s not enough, he can even sit in Kenya and consult for Lorenzo in Brazil without traveling to anywhere.

Despite these huge possibilities, my happiness is always mixed with sadness.

Because considering the way things go around here, so many people are yet to understand or appreciate the role of the internet in achieving outstanding breakthroughs.

As if to worsen the matter, there have been a rise of fraudsters on the internet which has really given some people mixed feelings towards leveraging the ICT to further their goals.

But that is one of the price we pay for globalization. And i hope government all over the place will do a lot to minimize this.

That notwithstanding, you can still reap the benefits of this massive breakthrough in human history as an individual or entrepreneur. Yeah.

Like i mentioned in my last post, whether you’re an individual, entrepreneur, writer or anyone, there are several ways you can use the internet to change the world and get paid for it.

Because of space, I’m going to list about 2 of this ways in this particular post.

Sale to anyone, anywhere: One of those beautiful things about the internet is the way it breaches the line between the haves and haves not.

Take a look around, you’ll find out that embracing the internet does not only make this possible, it gives you a great leverage to reach out to diverse areas you’d hardly ever reach considering your location, resources and time constraint.

Talk about operating a world class online Ecommerce firm in a place like Makoko around Yaba.

If you’re from a community like this, you’ll understand that 20 years ago, this could only be wishful thinking.

Today, as you’re reading this, one Dapo in the slums of Makoko has received his pay cheque for a job he did for Melvin in Chicago.

To Dapo, right now, it doesn’t matter that Makoko is almost an island community isolated from so many of the basic amenities of life.

With his small smartphone, tiny website and portfolio on the internet, Dapo has managed to get gigs from people outside the country.

With this, he’s been able to pay his bills and still go through his country’s economic recession with head held up high.

Oh by the way, you’ve heard a lot about Amazon, Jumia, Konga and the likes right?

I’m sure you or someone you know has once ordered for stuff and had it delivered to you right on your desk. And you didn’t even stress yourself or go to anywhere. Amazing isn’t it?

Now that was made possible because someone decided to leverage the internet to solve the need for people all over the world to gather on a particular platform and sell stuff to people anywhere across the world without having to meet them in person.

And he’s getting paid for it. In essence, the founder of Jumia is changing the world with his platform, and getting paid for it.

The question i want you to ask yourself is this.

How am i changing the world?
Who and who is getting affected by what I’m doing?
How am i getting rewarded for it?

I want you to note this somewhere if you can. The internet is the goldmine of the 21st century.

Yeah! And funny enough, unlike oil, the world’s biggest commodity for now, the internet is like creativity. It is inexhaustible. You just have to look for new ways to make it work for you.

Hold live events and reach people anywhere around the world: Let me tell you a story.

On Tuesday, i came home very late. Tired and exhausted I’d been trying to attend midweek service in church.

Unfortunately, i got home around 8pm so there was no way i could make it to church.

When i got home, i decided to shower and get some fresh air outside.

Inside of me, i was feeling bad for not being able to make it to the service.

As if it was a hunch. Something came up my mind like: why not try streaming the live service from the church website. You might scoop up some stuff.

I’d never live streamed our services before but i decided to give it a try.

So i quickly picked up my phone, searched the church website. Lo and behold, the service was still on, live and direct. I got myself glued to the screen.

After everything, i felt relieved and excited.

Yes I’d miss a large chunk of the message. But, i still got something.

Imagine how I would have lost everything if i was not able to view the live service from the church website.

At this point I’m sure you’re able to realize that in a very short while, churches will not have need to meet in a physical building for church activities all the time.

It’s happening already right in our very eyes. Churches can now receive offering, share the word, and do all sort of things right from the internet.

Very soon as globalization gets things further simplified, Cinemas, Comedy shows and so many events that needs physical gatherings will soon be eased out of the system.

Are you already getting positioned for this changes?

See, as a writer with a smart website for instance there are so many ways you can change the world and get paid for it. So many areas you can influence directly from the comfort of your bedroom or office.

I don’t know if anyone has told you this. The 21st century is the era of the dot com lifestyle.

I’m beginning to feel like pausing right here but before we do that i want to state this categorically.

As an individual, writer, church owner, entrepreneur, thought leader, whoever you are, the internet will most likely play a leading role in your growth process.

Let’s spin this narrative together. Will you?

Keep winning.

Victor Winners

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