5 Reasons I hate writing


It’s a cold Thursday morning. The rains just finished falling here. I can still hear the drizzle splash on our roof.

I just stood up to put off the fan. Then i switch off the light from the socket behind the fan, because I need some warmth. I need that cozy ambience of a semi-dark room. So I can easily pull over my blankets, as I listen quietly to every little sound of rain as it drizzle down the roof.

It’s a lazy way to start the day as a writer right? Okay. Okay. Let me tell you. Before being a writer, I was human. Yeah. So if being human gives anyone the right to just have fun lazying around on a Thursday morning then why shouldn’t I have the same right?

Should I tell you what? See, it’s boring being a writer. Putting off the TV all day in the name of writing. Turning down friends because you’ll rather be researching your next article than attend his little birthday party. Having people see you as a weird loner because you will always prefer solitude to endless gisting. And the list goes on and on.

Imagine the least I would’ve done this morning would have been to read up from where I stopped yesterday on Law of Torts but I’m here writing this. And you’re reading it. Isn’t something wrong with me?

Of course not. Of course this is one reason I hate writing. Because it so gets on my way. Full stop. I hate to write because I would rather curl up on my bed, than slave around with my keypad, researching all what not, on a Monday morning.

You see, I don’t buy in to that talk people say, writing flows naturally, No. No. It doesn’t flow. It disrupts naturally. It gets in your way naturally. It “steals” your time naturally. And then you helplessly look the other way. Imagine!

1. I hate to write because people think am a crazy lazy crap. They didn’t tell me but from their looks, I know. Imagine everyday, I mean every single hour, 1 or 2 persons will likely meet me looking into my smartphone, typing and smiling to myself. And they’ll be like; Vic, are you sure you’re OK? It makes me think, am I really okay?

2. I dunno. I think my neighbors are getting a bit used to my weird writing habit. But I’m not sure my siblings are. Especially my bro here. Sometimes I feel guilty staying up late, writing all night then I imagine the poor guy will perhaps be shaking his head and like saying; Vic is a real lazy @SS.

3. I don’t want to sound mischievous to the “Real” writers out there but the next reason I hate writing is that the big guys don’t give a hoot about us rookies.

Tag them in a post and they’ll pretend they didn’t notice it. I love them Super Star Writers. In fact I learn a lot from a good number of them. But, I hate it when think they are the only “Real” writers. And others are just joking. It $ucks. It’s a display of sad sad insecurity.

There are no ‘real’ and ‘Unreal’ writers. There are only those who have arrived and those who are still on their way. Thumbs up to the very few super stars who help underdogs kiss the limelight.

4. Okay. So the hundredth reason why I hate writing is the Pharisees. Today’s Pharisees are self important job counselors who themselves don’t have anything worthwhile doing with their life. So they will come and ask you, what do you do for a living? You whisper almost nervously, I’m a writer! And then bang! Heaven is let loose.

And they’ll be like, Really? (shaking their head as if you just lost your dad). And then the lengthy sermon on finding something worthwhile to do with your life begins. So they will tell you how writing doesn’t pay. They will tell you how writers are lazy folks. How you should ditch writing and and then. Just then, you’ll just feel like giving them a hot slap so they’ll learn how to mind their business.

5. ‘I tire for this people o’. In fact eh, even Google is not helping matters. As if they want to support all ‘dis pipu’, they have refused approving my adsense account because I made some mistakes. And now no pay, no nothing since.

I’ve been wanting to ditch writing ‘sef‘. Again and again, I have given it a second and third thought. But, I CAN’T STOP WRITING BECAUSE I CANNOT NOT WRITE. I had to capitalize that.

Writing makes me come alive. Writing brings out the best in me. Writing makes me laugh and cry. Writing gives me powers to breath life into ordinary words. And most importantly, writing gives me the chance to empathize with and add some meaning to the life of another ‘crazy’ and ‘unreal’ writer like me out there. That, to me is a dream come true.

There are hundred and one ways to make money writing but the last time i checked, everything doesn’t start and end with money. So sit down and write till you break through.

Oops! It’s 8:30 am already. Alright, alright. let’s say this post was a real big joke. Ok? I’m off to the bathroom. See you on the other side.

Victor Winners Writes!
Writer, Content Strategist, Personal Development Advocate.

*This post was written yesterday, Thursday 12th May 2016.

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