My Writing story: Dreams do come trueSo you’ve heard these stories about dreams coming true right?

Let me tell you my own part.

I was only a rookie writer then. All i wanted was a few more bucks. Writing was not a passion. No! If that was to be part of purpose for me, i didn’t discover it just yet.

I still remember vividly, it was a sunny afternoon on first January 2012. I needed was a few more bucks to start up the year.

I Couldn’t ask anyone so i decided to search online.

I ‘googled’ how to make money online’. Several links popped up. I didn’t know what link to check out first so i decided to spend time going through each of the pages.

Then i stumbled on something, build free websites, make money online writing.

I couldn’t really believe my eyes so i clicked on the link immediately. Ahaa i landed on Before i realized what i was doing I had already booked a domain name. LOL.

I wanted to go for I realised the domain name was is not available so i settled for Vickwin. That’s how i came up with my first ever blog.

I wasn’t a web designer or anything then. I was a complete novice but i just had this dream, to make some money. Lol. So i tried to do something.

I failed again and again. I got stuck so much so until i had to find a way to unstuck myself.

Ever since that time, it’s been going up and down. I have felt like quitting, deleting the site over a dozen times. Then another zillion times, my fingers will refuse to click the delete button.

Two years afterwards, i wanted to reach more people as an inspirational writer so i started up InspiredYouthMagazine.Com. I spent hours and days developing the site from with a web editor. Until then, that was one of the most strenous things i ever did online.

At a point, i realized that with a content management system i could build a more effective website. I converted the site into a WordPress blog immediately.

After a year, it didn’t work as i wanted, i dropped off the site.

I started a new website on dumped it, designed then a blogspot blog and several others until i finally launched

Until three months after i started writing online, i never really understood how much difference my thoughts could make in my readers life.

I’ll be very honest here. At the start, it was all about finding a way to make money doing what i loved.

After sometime, i found i was passionate about helping people ‘heal’ and ‘reach’ the life of their dreams, with words.

Then i later summoned courage and launched out, helping people, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and other writers like me live their dreams.

Today is getting to one year old.

Throughout the past one year, i have scrapped, removed, deleted and edited this blog. I have watched it go up and down. I have also watched it grow from 30,940 hits in May 2015 to 1.8 million hits in May 2016. I am grateful.

This is why as we celebrate this milestone, i want to reach out and say thank you to you and the 441,762 people who have ever visited this site from the131 countries around the world. We wouldn’t be here without you guys.

As a close, i want you  to know this. Whether you’re a writer or whatever there’ll be times the dreams you once cherished don’t just make sense anymore.

A time will come when you lose every reason to keep your head up and get going. But the most important thing is this: dreams do come true when the movement is on.

Keep writing. Keep blogging. Keep shinning.

Victor Winners.

*This post was first published in May 2016.

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