12 reasons every serious writer should own a blog I’m beginning to think.

Okay. I’m not thinking. It’s a fact, writing is one of the most creative and craziest craft out there. As a writer, You can write almost anything out of anything.

A non issue like what you ate last night could make a serious topic for your readers. I’m not even talking about minor and major incidence. Nothing skips the attention of a writer.

Imagine I was just discussing with my friend Chukwuemeka yesterday when he suddenly asked me, can you tell me the long and short term benefits of blogging please?

Here I was. I never thought about benefits of blogging in a long while though I was enjoying it. So I couldn’t answer instantly. After some minutes, I was like, what’s actually the benefit of blogging? Then I came up with these… 12 Reasons Every writer Should Own A Blog. Enjoy.

Long term benefit of blogging:

You can make a business out of your blog. Myself, Emeka Nobis, Brian Tracy and some other big guns are doing just this.

How do you make your blog a money spinning business?

Get a blog first. Write content on a particular topic you know a lot about. The better your content quality, the more people see you as an expert.

The more you’re seen as expert, the more people recommend you or bring their problem to you in related field, to solve for them.

Now, the more problem you solve, the more you smile to the bank. I’m sure no business beats this.

If you publish a book, make your blog your tv, radio and marketplace. Do you have a book or idea or invention? You can promote it on your blog too.

I’ve seen a lot of blog and websites created solely for the purpose of promoting one of these.

In fact the four hour week day is a good example by Tim Ferris. Then Jack Canfield, Rick Warren and others are doing same. And why shouldn’t you?

Blog to improve your writing skills or establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche.

Everyone sees a writer with a blog as some advanced writer. And let me tell you, as a writer with a blog, you could even be more popular than most published authors if you know your onions.

Because unlike an author without a blog, you are not limited by location, money, publishers or rejection, you can reach people in different continents and countries where your books will unlikely get to.

And once your blog is on the world wide web, you have liberty to publish almost everyday or as much as you want.

Blog to promote an offline business. For instance as an educational consultant, let’s say you’re into helping young adults get admitted into A-list universities.

You can offer solutions on how to get started, how to perform well in University Matriculation Exams and so on then inform readers you’re available for further paid assistance in your contact or services page like this (link to your services).

Trust me everyone like free things but the more quality solutions you offer, the more they’re likely to come back for your paid services or recommend you to others when they need further help. Neil Patel Uses this approach.

Blog to gain wider influence. Unlike your Facebook account for instance, a blog gives you access to millions of people on the web and all over the world to read your contents.

If you’re a politician, an activist, a dietician (you name it). This is one way to build influence, large follower ship, and change the world.

For instance, this site VictorWinners.com was read by over 370,000 people, from more than 126 countries as at 1st May 2016. And the number is growing still.

Your ability to influence people from different race, tribe, religious groups, right from the corner of your room is worth a hundred books that could only be published and sold in your local community.

Make passive income promoting or recommending other people stuff on your blogs. They will pay you for it when people buy while you almost do nothing except write to recommend a product or services just once.

With a blog you get instant feedback. Unlike an author who has to wait for months or even years after publishing so he can get feedback. With your blog You get instant feedback from readers in the comments section of your post, whenever you try different writing styles, or new ideas.

You can use this to find instant reaction from readers then make adjustment where necessary until you get what you’re comfortable with.

Establish yourself as an expert in your field: Like I said earlier, you may not gain attention just because you own another blog out there on a particular industry but overtime, as you keep publishing quality and helpful content, people will begin to see you as the expert and go to person for some consulting deals, advice and interviews in your niche.

You heard about Daren Rowse or Jon Morrow? These guys are world known experts in blogging and blog traffic respectively. All thanks to their blogs.

Short Term Benefits:
Authority. People see you as a more serious writer once you’re on world wide web.

Improved Writing: because you have a larger audience and both Google to please, you will research and write better high value content so your blog can rank higher on search engines.

Become Online Guru: You will become more internet savvy as you learn more and more about how blogging and how the internet works. Yes.

And let me add this; from graphics to website designing, content marketing and then search engine optimization, I’ve learned 101 skills through blogging, in the process of seeking improvement.

Express Yourself. Let me confess. So many things I couldn’t say on my social media platform, I found my blog a more secured place to share it.

Why? Because my blog readers are much more diverse and different people.

In the process, I learned to write and express my thoughts with more confidence. So much so that this confidence began to be felt even in my social media posts.

Changing Lives: If you’ve been passionate about changing lives through your posts then owning a blog is a good thing to do.

Because just like what I’m doing here, every quality post you write about will change lives and help people in ways you may never know. Yes.

These are just a few of the 101 reason every writer should own a blog. If you have any other, Add others if you have any in the comment section. If you need help getting a blog, let me here from you here.

Victor Winners

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