How to make people read your blog post promote and share it with friendsThe bus stopped and the conductor (bus attendant) opened the door at the Junction. People started hurrying out of the car. Just as I made moved to alight, the Police Woman that sat beside the junction started coming towards us.

She didn’t say anything. The dire expression on her face made the conductor bang the door in a rush.

As he closed the door, I felt totally upset within me. I was like, What is wrong with this woman? Why won’t she let us be? I was running out of time and patience.

Right beside me as the vehicle made to move, one of our co passengers said, yes the Police officer is right. That place is not a bus stop. Then the driver took us down to the place we alighted.

After I left the Bus, I felt drawn to share this experience with you.

Now this post is for you dear blogger.

Had it been I was in a vehicle coming behind the Bus that day, I would blame the Policewoman for allowing people to stop over in the middle of the road.

I mean this was a busy working day. We were blocking other road users. But here I was, the first thing I was thinking about was catching up with where I was going.

That was not cool. But my destination was what mattered most to me at that time. That was it. Not the Police, not the Law. I didn’t just care about anything other than what I wanted.

But how does this concern my writing and blog? you ask.

Well this is it…

1. Readers don’t really care about you, what you have to say or your writing style. They’re only interested in having you meet their needs of empathy, information, entertainment etc with your blog post and write ups.

It’s all about them. That’s how humans are wired. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

2. Your readers are on transit. Like I was that day, they are going somewhere. All they need is a vehicle to make the journey faster. They will stand with whatever meets their needs. The moment you stop meeting that need, off they go.

I have seen awesome writers and bloggers with flowery words who had less and less readers. I have also seen folks make great impact with simple result oriented post.

The point is, don’t just capture their eyes with awesome headlines, plastic words, and boring paragraphs, simplify, add a touch of your personality, make them stay and maybe come back for more.

Understand they have so many other things competing for their attention on the internet so be straight to the point. Make compelling impact in the first two lines.

3. Those days we started out blogging, they use to tell us, Content is king, As I write this now, things have changed. Now, Value is king, content is queen.

in a reader’s voice, No one needs your boring content. Everyone needs value. Because it’s us first. Because we didn’t just come to your blog to read your rant. Something took us there.

And if we don’t get what we want, we’ll leave forever. If we get it, we will bookmark you. We will come back again and again.

4. The fourth way to make people read your blog post?

promote and share it with friends is to promote your post.

Let’s be sincere, the most read posts don’t get read because a blogger wrote about it.

The most read posts get read because someone saw it on the internet.

So the question you should ask yourself is, are people seeing my blog posts?

After writing down your awesome blog post, get it out there. Share it with the world. Tell them about it.

There are already a gazillion articles dancing over the internet, waiting for readers. Yours is almost like a drop in the ocean. So you need to work hard in getting your blog post to readers.

That said; If you want readers to care about you, your blog and what you write, care about them. Meet their needs first.

Put Value above everything, Tell them about your good stuff and they will come back for more.

Victor Winners

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