This is my first in the series of posts like this, about how you can use Information communication technology to maximize your influence as an entrepreneur.

In this particular series we’ll dig into what’s ICT, why you must use it if you seek to remain relevant in the 21st century and how you can use ICT to expand your influence and maximize your business income.

*Note: This post is strictly for entrepreneurs.

Alright. Let’s talk now.

Since you’re already able to read this post at this time, i assume you’re one of those smart people out there. So i believe you know that ICT is an abbreviation that represents Information communication technology.

That’s exactly what it is. And this blog you’re reading for instance is one of the benefits of ICT. So i can safely say that you’re already part of the amazing people utilizing the benefit of ICT. Although you may not even realize this.

It’s fact that ICT has virtually taken over our lifestyle. Both in our work place, homes and everywhere. There’s hardly a particular thing this days that can function independently without the help of ICT.

From Churches to Hospitals, Schools, Security Establishments you name it. ICT has swept away our world in such an unprecedented manner.

But why exactly should an entrepreneur be concerned about ICT you ask?

Let me answer that. There are innumerable benefits of understanding ICT. I mean, the things you can do as a tech savvy entrepreneur is almost limitless.

But I’m going to list a few of these things here…

Visibility: Owning a website as an entrepreneur for instance gives you instant visibility on the internet.

Now you might be wondering. What the hell is he talking about? I have a fb page and twitter account. Is that not enough?

But here’s the truth. Your fb page is as good as what fb wants it to be. This means that it’s only fb’s decision to either have you appear on Google search or not. You can’t do anything about that.

The next thing is that, No matter the number of people that are attracted to your product on the Social Media, If you don’t have a website, you’re almost invincible to a global audience.

How do i mean?

Your Business might be made Invisible to Search Engines like Google. Because Google hardly features posts from fb profile and pages when people search for it.

This means Your product or services is Invisible to On Demand Prospects who are not among your Social Page Subscribers and you’re losing money.

By owning a simple website or blog that shows your product or services, you can gain prospects both locally and from any part of the world at any part of the world.

Now you can go ahead to create Mobile apps for your business, without writing a single line of code.

Saving Money: ICT Gurus charge exorbitantly for simple jobs, especially when you’re totally ignorant of how ICT works.

They’ll use Terms that will blow your head off to get the money off your wallet. Lol

But you can Prevent this by doing it yourself. Technology has become so simple today that you don’t need to know how to code, to design a website, create a mobile app, software app and others.

All you need to know is how to Read and Write. Once you can do that, you’re qualified to learn it.

Prestige: The Prestige involved in having a working knowledge of ICT is almost Intoxicating. People accord respect to you, especially the elderly people of our time..
they will call you” Computer Wizkid and all. It’s funny but it feels good at the same time.

Most ICT experts wear simple clothes but have some good bucks in their accounts. Talk about the Marks of this world.

That’s why you see Addictive Programmers/Coders
Care less about their looks. Lots of people find the computer very confusing and highly techy, so when they find someone who can work his way around the computer, they tend to take that person as a some god. Winks.

Again people tend to see you not just as an entrepreneur but an entrepreneur with some special expertise.

Versatility: With an ICT Knowledge you can work just anywhere. If you doubt, mention just one professional job that doesn’t need computer knowledge for instance ?

The truth is, there is none of such.

So should you decide to get employed while running your personal business by the side, automatic employment is guaranteed you in most cases.

Yeah .And most especially, if you are very confident with their skills, you may not really be the one looking for jobs. Because Jobs will be looking for you.

You can decide to work as a freelancer for instance, trade your skills for money, decide when and where you want to work.

The Joy of being a Freelancer is the ability to consult for more than one company at a time. Let’s say as a freelancer I Consult for First Bank, Union Bank, GT Bank and

All I have to do is go to their branches at the end of the month, to ensure that all their equipment and servers are functioning well, and at end of every month I get paid
from these four different companies. It’s just awesome.

Let’s be sincere in the next Twenty Years, ICT induced systems will take over most jobs.

For our schools, there will be a new System of Teaching without being physically present in the classroom. It’s happening already in most schools. Talk about National Open University, Obafemi Awolowo University etc. It’s unfortunate, most teachers will lose their Jobs.

There will be computer programmed cars without drivers. (Uber, Dubai is on this already).

Computer controlled Robotic Machines will do most of the labor in big factories, so Factory Laborers won’t be needed anymore.

Drones now is trending, in the next 20 Years, Camera Men will not be needed to cover an event anymore Drones will do that.

Architects won’t be needed to Draw a building plan, by just punching few things into a computer, a Software will generate that for you. These things are happening very fast and right in our eyes.

You can make your dreams come true. Ok. So i mentioned Facebook the other time. I’m sure i didn’t mention it to you that Mark had Fb set up because he understood how to code.
Yes. In his words, “i wanted to make the world more open”

Now that was just a dream. His understanding of ICT and effort made that come true.

One of the amazing things about Utilizing ICT is the ability to make your dreams come true with your own hands and effort.

When you have this understanding, you begin to see your liberty to dream, to express your dreams and to try and learn and grow without limits.

I can go on and on writing this list. But let me pause here right now.

I cannot imagine how mortifying it would be if you’re unable to get positioned for these disruptive technological changes.
What will happen when that time comes, and you’re not interested with understanding information communication technology?

It will be very devastating because you won’t be able to cope, no man will want to spend money employing you, while a machine can do what you can do for him.

So Prepare for the future and Learn at least a particular skill today in ICT That can make you stand out when that day comes…

Victor Winners

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