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how to become a succesful blogger in 2020
Can I shock you? The thing that makes people read your blog is not the fact that you’re so great […]
how to become a successful blogger in 2020 with content marketing
It’s 2020. You’re asked to choose between BLOGGING and CONTENT MARKETING, What would you choose? I’m sure it would be […]
top 8 seo tips
GOOGLE It! How many times do you hear that phrase in a day? I bet so many times. Isn’t it […]
how much it costs to build a website
Knowing how much it costs to build a website is not only important for a web developer, it is one […]
Most important Wordpress plugin 2019
Are you building a new WordPress website? It’s possible you must have asked yourself, what are the most useful plugins […]
How to drive organic traffic to your website
So you just finished setting up your site and you’re worried about ways to drive organic traffic to your website? […]
Need free WordPress plugins for building forms on your WordPress Website? When it comes to form building on WordPress, there […]
Q/A: Should I use plugins on WordPress website?
Should I use plugins on my WordPress website? This is usually one of the questions many people ask before building […]
Ok. So this is part two of our web design mistakes to avoid. In today’s post, we’ll be focusing basically […]
How to end 2018 as a blogger
It’s unbelievable 2018 is coming to an end. I’m so sure this is going to end as one eventful year […]
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Victor Winners

Award winning Blogger, Author, Web Developer, Senior Digital Strategist and Founder of Africa's most widely read blog on Content Marketing and Digital Strategy, VictorWinners.Com.Named as one of the top 50 design influencers globally, since 2014; Victor Winners has helped over 2 million readers to understand and use digital technology to transform their lives and businesses.

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