So you want to start an entertainment blog right? Well that’s a great idea.

Because with an entertainment blog you can do a whole lot of things.

Yeah. The thing is. An entertainment blog is not just a blog, it’s a platform you can use to do a whole lot of things. Starting from personal to corporate aspirations.

For example, with an entertainment website, you can launch your own media house and then move on to the traditional media (if you want), after making waves.

Also, you can even start a syndicated media, build a global or geographic audience and earn good income right from your entertainment blog.

Of course you know of certain media personalities like Arianna Huffington of Huffpost, Linda Ikeji, Uche Pedro, Perez Hilton among so many others who have gone ahead to build global entertainment brands with their blogs.

They’ve build blogs that have been able to influence political movement, set up social changes and get people talking.

Not only can you do more with time and practice, you can really excel in your career as an entertainment blogger in Nigeria, Africa or any part of the world you reside.

Because the world is getting digital, every single day.

You can do even more than that with your blog as the platform.

Now before even start, i want to get this out of your head. Linda ikeji did not just start and got to her destination. She worked up to where she is now.

So before we even get started, you need to understand that there’s work involved. Yeah. You’ll work. But the good news is, the effort will be worth it in the end.

Also as an entertainment blogger, there’s this advantage you have over someone with an offline entertainment outfit.

The advantage is focused on the fact that most of the time all you need to start your entertainment business is a blog and your laptop.

Unlike an entertainment entrepreneur from the digital world, you don’t need all those processes of business registration and all that.

Get your blog ready and you’re good to go. With that you hardly get into any business risk.

Alright. So how can you really create an entertainment blog and make money either in Nigeria, Africa or any part of the world?

Aside from the business model, the following are the list of things to put in place before setting up your entertainment website.

The first thing you’ll need is a business mindset.

So you need to ask yourself…

“am i in here for the long run or do i want to make a business out of this?

With a business mindset in place you can then come up with a business plan that will include your brand description, blogging goals and strategies you’ll use in attaining the goals.

After this, you can get started on setting up your entertainment website be it in Africa, India, China, United States or wherever.

What’s the niche? The next thing you’ll have to consider after setting up your business plan is the niche.

A niche is something like a broad topical area folks would love to write about.

When it comes to entertainment blogging, so many people go into different areas of entertainment without focusing on a specific area.

It’s very important you set up your niche before getting started because when you do that, you’ll streamline your blog to a particular area of interest and this further gives you a particular set of readers over time.

So you can decide for instance to focus on entertainment news, gossips, Hollywood or Nollywood News, Religious entertainment etc.

Doing this streamlines the process for you. Helping you Focus on a certain kind of readers with a particular interest.

In the long run, you can target a set kind of advertisers when you want to advertise on the blog.

A domain name. As an entertainment blogger, your domain name is what people will use to access your blog on the internet.

It could be any name you’d want to call it. Most bloggers in Nigeria prefers to call their entertainment blogs by their personal names.

So if i wanted to blog for instance, I’d call it, or all that sorta thing.

Well, it’s not wrong to call your blog by your name. But what if you want to sell the blog after sometime?

There are also other people who have been able to call their blog specific names that depicts their target niche.

Like,, etc.

With names like that any new reader will immediately understand the niche that your blog is focusing on.

Also it can help the owners of such blog a lot when it comes to search engine optimization.

So you’ll have to choose both a domain name that reflects your entertainment blogging niche and your business goals as a digital entertainment media.

Hosting: After setting up your domain name, head over to a reliable web hosting company like Smart Web, choose a web hosting plan that reflects your blogging goals and then head over to setting up your blog.

PS: Besides smart web, you can host your blog with any web hosting company of your choice. Although smartweb is one web hosting company i recommend a lot because i host most of the blogs and websites i design with them.

Alright. So after choosing your web hosting plan and the web hosting, head over and choose a blogging platform.

There are so many blogging platforms to start up your entertainment blog. But the number one blogging platform is WordPress.

According to research, half of the blogs on the internet is powered by WordPress, the world’s leading blogging software. So that’s always my best recommendations for bloggers.

You can set up your blog on WordPress and start blogging right away, if you understand the technicalities involved.

Or you can contact a WordPress expert like me and I’ll get your blog designed, set up and train you on blogging so that you’ll get started and achieve your blogging dreams without wasting time.

Read the remaining part of this tutorial, ultimate guide on how to start an entertainment blog here.

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