If you’re passionate about building a successful blog in the entertainment niche… Then the ultimate guide on how to start a successful entertainment blog is all you need to get started especially if you’re in Nigeria, Africa or any part of the world that’s a bit disadvantaged when it comes to blogging.

Alright. So in our last post we were talking about how to set up your entertainment blog.

Now after setting up your entertainment blog on WordPress as we discussed here, there are certain other things you must do as well. One of those things is building a strong social media outlet.

Social media. Having a solid social media channel helps a lot in building up audience for your entertainment blog.

And right now especially when it comes to the entertainment niche, so many of your readers are definitely going to be on the social media so you’ll need a good strategy to key into this audience.

The first step you’ll take towards growing a social media platform is building the platform in the first place.

So you go ahead choose at least the first three social media platforms for your blog. It could be the popular facebook, twitter, google plus etc.

After that, edit the social media page. Make it “on brand” and then go about adding friends.

On a facebook page for instance, You can start with your friends. Invite them to like your page.

Before inviting your friends over, be sure to have updated the page details together with some write ups on the page. Stuff that relates to your niche.

After that go ahead, invite people to like your Facebook page. You can also promote the page via Facebook ads and other freebies or contests if you have any.

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The same strategies can be repeated for the other social media platforms and tweaked where necessary to suit with the particular platform.

Content creation. So after setting up your page, you’ll need to go about creating content for your entertainment website.

The best way to go about this is to first of all, create a content strategy.

Your content strategy should reflect the kind of posts you want to be updating on your entertainment blog, based in the particular niche you’re blogging on.

It should also be streamline to meet a particular posting timeline. For instance, you may decide to be writing entertainment news articles 3 times in a day, or once in every single day, just stick to the schedule.

Also indicate the different categories of entertainment stuff you’re writing about. If it’s entertainment news for instance, there are different aspects to it. Indicate when and how often you’ll be writing about that in your content strategy.

Follow the content writing schedule as much as you can. It will help your readers. And when your entertainment blog has consistent fresh content, your readers will come back again and again.

Marketing and promotion. There are so many ways to market your …. blog. Both paid and free.

You can start with using Google adwords. And your blog will be promoted across Google Search results for specific search keywords.

To even get your blog faster among the top entertainment blogs in the social media, you can do both Google and social media ads if you’re on a good budget.

You can also promote your blog and get it among popular entertainment blogs though guest posting, offline promotional events, user generated contents etc.

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Growth hacks. One of the greatest growth hacks for building a successful blog in the entertainment niche is updating fresh and quality content regularly.

If you look around, you’ll realize this is what successful entertainment bloggers do. Some will even update the news around the clock.

Being that you’re just new in the entertainment blogging niche, you might not be able to update your blog around the clock but you can aim to update a certain number of post each day on the different categories of entertainment you’re writing about.

You can subscribe to google news for entertainment information around the world or streamline it to the specific area you want to cover.

Add a new dimension to your entertainment news. It’s obvious most of what you’ll blog about as an entertainment blogger will also be written by others so you’ll need to distinguish yourself and your blog by adding a fresh dimension to your blog posts.

Build a strong fan base on your social media platforms. Especially Twitter, Facebook. You can also add instagram and Pinterest if necessary.

Your social media platforms will be one important traffic points for your blog.

You can grow the social media platform by being very active on the sites, updating content regularly and following a social media strategy that reflects content that works with the particular platform.

You can also grow the social media platform easily by using promotional codes, organizing contests, giving away freebies for comments and shares etc.

Produce content in different formats. Entertainment Blogging is not all about written content so don’t just focus on putting up mere written stuff.

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Produce both videos and audios. In fact, videos have more possibility of going viral than content most times. Focus on producing great contents in different formats and share it with your friends.

Monetization. Just like most other blogs using the journalistic blogging model, there are many ways to monetize your entertainment blog site.

One of such ways is using Google Adsense. Google Adsense is one of the most popular way entertainment bloggers monetize their blogs.

Read here on how to make money online with google adsense.

There are a so many other ways to monetize your website too including affiliate marketing, advertising, promotional post, emails and many others. I did a post about how to monetize your blog here.

Understand, it’s not too difficult to build a successful and profitable entertainment blog. Other people are doing it. And with effort, proper strategies and skills, your blogging dreams will fall right on your laps.

And you can even make your blogging journey even faster by joining blogging communities like the Smart Blogging College that will help you build and grow your entertainment blog in a shorter time.

Ok so that’s all for today. You can read up part one of the complete guide on how to start a successful entertainment blog here.

3 Thoughts to “Ultimate guide on how to start a successful entertainment blog”

  1. […] entertainment blog on the other hand is a bit limited to publishing a certain niched focus […]

  2. Good article sir, pleáse Can I convert this my blog into an entertainment blog and how can I get content? Enesiconcept.com

    1. Yes you can convert any blog into an entertainment blog.

      Although this will mean targeting a slightly different kind of content consumers. And it might mean losing some of your current audience.

      All the same, if it’s really worth it, you can just go ahead and commit to transforming it bit by bit into a full fledged entertainment blog. Overtime you’ll gain new audience.

      How to get content?

      Getting content will Depend on the kind of entertainment blog you want to build. For instance, if you’re looking at building an entertainment blog in the comedy sub niche, you’ll have to be producing majority of the content yourself.

      If you intend to build a more general entertainment blog like nollywood gossip for instance, you can use content curation and other means to gather entertainment content for your blog until you’re able have direct access to breaking news in the entertainment industry like the Linda Ikejis and other leading entertainment blogs.

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