You’ve decided you want to start an entertainment website right?


It’s a known fact you don’t need any business degree to start a successful entertainment website so the fact you’re reading this post is a good omen already…

Because you’re just s few steps to achieving this dream.

Now, the good question is.., what exactly comes to your mind when people talk about entertainment websites, blogs and all that?

I know you have your own personal definition of what an entertainment website should be…

In any case, an entertainment website is a website that focuses on producing entertainment driven content for it’s users.

I’m sure you might have asked yourself why is he talking about “entertainment website” all the time.

Is there any difference between an entertainment website and an entertainment blog?

Well, there’s some difference. And here’s it…

While an entertainment website is somewhat diverse in focus – meaning it can host a full fledged entertainment company as well as publish different format of entertainment content…

An entertainment blog on the other hand is a bit limited to publishing a certain niched focus content.

For instance your entertainment blog could be focused on publishing celebrity gossip…

Another entertainment blog could be focused on publishing entertainment news that cuts across diverse sectors of the society.

Still another blogger can focus on publishing latest songs and movie reviews etc.

An entertainment website on the other hand can decide to be a full fledged media company with the above topics as part of it’s areas of focus.

Alright so now we’ve sorted out what marks the difference between an entertainment blog and an entertainment website…

Now let’s talk about how to create a successful entertainment website.

OK. So assuming you’ve gotten a domain, web hosting and you’re ready to set up a successful entertainment website.

The following are the things you should consider…

1. So what do you want?
Here’s where you’ll really have to find out what you want for your website.

What do you want the entertainment site to be able to do? Is it to upload music and videos?

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Or do you want to upload Music, Videos and add a blog to the site?

If you’re uploading music for instance it’ll be appropriate to find out the kind of music you’ll need on the website.

A good question to ask is, am I going to upload foreign, local, spiritual music etc.

This is called niching. Since entertainment is a very broad areas of interest, finding a niche helps you focus on a specific area, thereby targeting people interested in such areas.

Note that while doing this, things like your budget, geo location of your audience and purpose of starting the website must be put into considerations too.

2. What’s the motivation behind your decision to go into entertainment blogging?

Of course you can’t just get to start blogging because it’s what everyone else is doing…

There’s absolutely a reason you’re setting up an entertainment website… So what’s this reason?

What motivates you to do this? Your motivation could be anything…

From getting a website that will help you share your passion to making money with your entertainment website and even something to show off to your crush.

So here we go… Are you doing this because you’re an entertainment enthusiast…

You want to make money with your online entertainment business or you’re just doing it for the fun?

Do you have a vision you want to achieve with this journey? Here’s a good time to write it down.

Like you want to become the most popular online entertainment company etc

Knowing why you’re doing this will help you get started on the right track. Especially if the journey ever gets boring, you’ll always find a good reason to stay put.

3. What’s the plan? After you’re done finding out your motivation, the next step is to come up with a plan of action.

Here’s s good time to take a good look at the vision you wrote down in step one.

Ask yourself, what exactly can I do today that will help me achieve this vision.

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If I do this same thing tomorrow and throughout the week, what will I have?

Again, if I were to keep doing this same thing for the whole month, will that get me close to achieving the vision?

Now, take an imaginary look at how you’d like everything to turn out for your entertainment website.

How long would it really take before things can turn out this way?

If there were anything to be done to achieve this or steps to be taken, what steps would it be, and what action would be taken at each step.

Write everything down as you keep getting insight.

You can even include a rough estimate of when you’ll have to monetize the website or provide added services if necessary (yeah, you can also make side bucks with your entertainment website).

PS: Be sure your plan involves steps that will guide your success including growth strategies…

And don’t forget your plan is not something static. It’s just a guideline to keep you on the safe side. So It can be edited and made to fit in as the journey proceeds.

4. Work. Work. Work. Now here’s the best part. And the part that will make the vision you wrote down come true.

As an entertainment blogger, you’ll have to write great stuff. This is what will differentiate you from the sea of entertainment bloggers out there.

If you’re providing music, make it stand out. Get your entertainment website known for one or two things that no one else is doing.

You’ll have to provide great content that’s suitable for your audience. This is what will keep them coming back to your website.

If you can’t provide fresh and outstanding content then you’re just like any other blogger. And trust me your users know where to go. So stand out.

5. Get known on social media. Find out the social media your audience hang out, create profiles there and link them to your blog.

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Get active on the social media. Be sure to share your posts here. Create contest, rewards and even promote your page once in a while, if your budget can take care of it.

6. Reach out to celebrities. If you’ve got a celebrity gist section on your entertainment website or if your website is focused on celebrities, you’ll want to reach out to these celebrities and follow them on the social media…

When done well, you’ll  find interesting stuff to write about right from their timeline.

Tag or if necessary, find a way to notify the celebrity or their handlers whenever you’re writing about them.

Connect with other entertainment website owners. Exchange ideas. Build friendships and guest post for one another when necessary.

There are such groups on different social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. Find and join them.

7. Get creative. Don’t ever set up a bland website or entertaining blog. Be entertaining. That’s why you’re the owner of an entertainment website… To entertain.

Give people a reason to feel satisfied on visiting your blog and they will come back.

8. Don’t give up. There will be days things seem like it’s not going to work out. Understand everything takes time.

And you’re going to grow one of the most successful entertainment websites if you don’t give up.

Trust me there’s so much more to write about on how to set up a successful entertainment website but you can’t learn everything until you get to work.

Now before I conclude, I want you to know that setting up a successful entertainment website is something that’s really possible for you. And you don’t need to have any experience…

All you need is passion and readiness to work.

The good news is, you can start as a website, backed with a good plan, consistency and work, and before you realize it your entertainment website can evolve into an entertainment power house.

So the decision is left for you today. And I know you can do this.

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