How to make people read your blog post promote and share it with friends

The bus stopped and the conductor (bus attendant) opened the door at the Junction. People started hurrying out of the car. Just as I made moved to alight, the Police Woman that sat beside the junction started coming towards us. She didn’t say anything. The dire expression on her face made the conductor bang the door in a rush. As he closed the door, I felt totally upset within me. […]

5 Reasons I hate writing

It’s a cold Thursday morning. The rains just finished falling here. I can still hear the drizzle splash on our roof. I just stood up to put off the fan. Then i switch off the light from the socket behind the fan, because I need some warmth. I need that cozy ambience of a semi-dark room. So I can easily pull over my blankets, as I listen quietly to every […]

Writer Authority: Why Every writer should be a Donald Trump

A re-post! …But every writer is afraid of being vulnerable. Of being laughed at. Of being scorned. We’re afraid of having people criticize our opinion then paint us as some sick rebels. So we’ll rather keep our mouths shut than scream the opinion in our hearts. But we still want to be heard anyway. As if one can eat his cake and have it. Can that happen really? Alright! alright. […]