How to Start an Educational blog - The Complete Guide

Whether you’re a teacher or educator, when it comes to blogging, education is one of those evergreen niches that’ll keep growing in leaps and bounds.

This is because on a regular basis, institutions are embracing virtual learning. And more people’s confidence in the online world is growing.

Also, new innovations are coming up almost everyday. And for this reason, on a regular basis people will need to be shown how to use these innovations so there will always be the need for coacing, tutorials and other educational blogs etc.

To cap it all, starting an educational blog or a teaching blog doesn’t really require you to own a doctorate degree or become a university professor.

On the contrary, You need to have the necessary skills on the niche topic you choose to blog about, understand your target market, get a business plan and work on your brand…

Braced with all these, you can develop your content and kickstart your online educational website based on your expertise and experience.

To make it even more robust, you can maintain a daily blog while including a full fledged academic website on the same domain.

Types of Educational Blog to Start

Educational blogging is quite extensive. There are different niches and sub niches of educational blogs you can choose from as a blogger, depending on your target audience, experience or goals.

The following are the popular niches you can start an educational blog…

1. Tips for doing well in school.
2. Tutorial blogs.
3. Blogs offering advice to campus students.
4. Blog to train students on specific subject areas.

Alright. So now, considering that you know about some of the common niches you can start from, below are the step by step process you can use to build a coaching, tutorial or any kind of educational blog…

Choose a Niche

Besides the topics I listed up there, there are many other educational bloggging niches you can choose from, so as to reflect both your blogging goals and purpose of blogging.

Before getting to choose a blogging niche for your educational blog, the first few questions to ask yourself here are these; “Why am I blogging? What do I want to achieve with an educational blog”?

If you can’t easily find a reason why you should set up your teacher blog, you can ask yourself, is there a particular profitable need in this particular educational blogging niche that I can fill?

In a situation where you still want to go further to have a better understanding of your niche, you can further ask yourself;

Do I have a specific experience or training in this field that can add value to someone else’s life?

By the time you’ve genuinely answered this question, you’ll be able to find yourself a sustainable and profitable blogging niche where you can focus your educational blog.

Get a Domain Name and Webhosting

The idea you come up with from step one above will then guide you as you go about choosing your domain name and web hosting account.

So supposing you want to focus on writing basic tutorial for students from a particular institution, you will then choose a domain name that will reflect the niche area you’re focusing on and probably the name of the institution.

This will help you when you’re creating a brand for your blog. And also your search engine optimization purposes.

Again, the idea you came up with on step one will help you settle for a particular kind of web host.

Depending on the nature of the academic blog and the level of traffic and other resources you expect to use on the website, you may decide to use a shared or dedicated hosting plan to host your website.


So after settling for your domain name and web hosting account, you can then move on to choose a particular Content Management System for your blog.

Although there are a handful of CMS in existence today. And most of them are free to use. One of the most outstanding CMS is still WordPress.

So, at this point, you can get over to, download the software and upload it on your web hosting account.

Alternatively, you can also install WordPress through the control panel from your web hosting account.

After you’ve successfully installed your WordPress, you want to also Install the necessary addons and design your site exactly the way you’ll like it.

There are a few walk through tutorials that can help you through the process as you go about setting up your educational website.

Instead of building your teaching blog yourself, you can get the web design services from experts to help you set up your blog conveniently.

How to Promote your Education Blog

After setting up your educational blog, the next thing you want to do is to get readers over to the blog.

Now, there are many steps you can promote your teaching blog and get the words out there both for your intending readers and clients. And we’re going to discuss some of these steps below…

Content Marketing

One of the important ways to promote your blog is through content marketing, writing content relevant to the subject matter of your blog in such a way that drives repeat traffic to the site either through search engine, direct visits or referrals.

To evolve a successful Content Marketing Campaign for your blog, you’ll need a Content Marketing Strategy that is consistent with your blogging goals, blogging niche etc.

Backed with this, you can then go ahead to develop a value driven and effective content for your website on a consistent basis.

Using Social Media

Social Media Platforms are also places you can share your blog posts effectively, grow your brand and build a referall traffic back to your blog.

To run a successful content marketing campaign on the social media, you want to be very selective on the particular socail media platform you’re using.

Instead of targeting all the social media plaforms, focus on targeting major social media platforms with a decent number of your target audience.

This is very important when it comes to driving effective results from your Content Marketing Effort.

Engage in Guest Posting

Apart from the ones we’ve listed up there, there are still many other ways you can promote your educational blog and get new readers, including writing guest blog posts on other established sites.

Understand that posting on established websites does not only drive traffic, it builds your credibility while getting you decent backlinks back to your website.

So, from time to time you want to write guest blog posts on established websites, especially niche related websites or websites with an audience that will be interested in your brand.

As part of strategies for growing your educational blog you’ll also need a strong social media presence to push your ideas and brand through story telling and content marketing.

Use Paid Ads

There are also paid promotional services for blogs, websites and other brands on the social media and other advertising giants like Google.

Where you have a decent budget, you can engage these services to build momentum for your brand from time to time.

For your ads to work effectively, you want to choose all the social media platforms but instead, focus on a few important platforms that are more relevant to your target audience.

How to Make Money With an Educational Blog

There are many ways to make moeny with an educational blog including both direct and indirect income. The following are the most popular ways to make money with an educational blog;

Paid Tutorials

As someone with an educational or teaching blog, there are different options to choose from, if you want to make money online with your blog. And one of this option can be by way of paid tutorial or coaching services.

To make this happen effectively, you can turn your blog into both a learning management system like Udemy for instance, while adding a full fledge blog to it.

This gives you the option to ask readers to subscribe for your paid trainings or tutorials where they will learn specific skills and get certified at a fee.

Digital Products

Creating a digital product is one other effective way to make money with your educational blog.

Your digital product could could come in the form of a valuable information product that matches your niche.

It could also come in the form of a one time app or a recurrent serivce offered to your client at a fixed price.

Sponsored Post

Over the years, getting sponsored posts have become one important way to monetize a blog across different niches.

As an educational blogger with a decent traffic, you can work on getting sponsored posts to advertise on your blog at a standard fee.

To get this working very well, you can decide to either write the sponsored posts for your clients or you can accept only pre-written sponsored posts, depending on what works for you.

Direct Ads

As part of your strategies to monetize your educational blog, you can decide to use direct ads on the blog.

This can come in the form of banner ads of different sizes, located at strategic places on your blog.

With such ads, you can charge the advertisers specific fees based on the location of the ad, the banner size or duration of the advert.

Beyond placing direct ads on your blog, you can also patronize third party advertising services like Google Adsense etc.

Affiliate Programs

Last on my list of how to make money with yiour educational blog is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a commission by promoting other people’s products or services on your blog/posts.

With your educational blog, you can subscribe to related affiliate products, promote them on your blog then get paid your commission when people click through your affliate links to buy the product or service.

In a nutshell, there are many other ways to start, grow and make money with an educational blog but these are the most popular ones and starting with these will get you to make money with your blog.

In conclusion, like I said earlier, starting an educational blog is a great thing to do because the educational niche is not saturated at all.

There are so many sub niches where you can start a blog get to dominate in the educational and informational industry depending on your locality.

And you can make this dream a reality from anywhere you are. Want us to build your educational blog? Let’s get started here.

So what’s the biggest challenge you’re facing when it come to getting started with your educational blog? Let’s hear you.

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  1. I started my Teacher blog back in 2020 during the pandemic. It was the best decision I’ve ever made and my blog is about helping parents with children with disabilities. Starting a blog can be very rewarding but also very time consuming as well. However, I have grown to love my blog and hope it reaches families around the word.

    • Hey Shannon,

      I agree, starting a blog can be quite time consuming and rewarding at same time. But the joy of blogging is always in the impact you make in the lives of people around the world.
      Nice to have you take on this noble path.
      Keep it coming.

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