seo trends for 2020 and how it will affect your website

A lot of bloggers, SEOs and content marketers have wondered what’s going to be the biggest SEO trends in 2020.

If you’re one of those bothered about SEO outlook for 2020 then your worries are legit…

Because SEO will still play a huge role in the success of your website, Content Marketing and online business.

And with recent changes in search algorithm like the NLP, BERT etc, there’s going to be even more changes.

If you could notice it, this year, page loading speed was officially made a ranking factor in Google SERP.

Same with semantics, featured snippets and others.

So in the face of changing Google algorithm and search engine ranking factors, these are the SEO trends to look out for in 2020…

Optimize for Local Search

Local Search Engine Optimization has helped a lot of new businesses get featured on Google search more prominently.

According to Google, 46 percent of all search results have local intent.

This wasn’t so a few years ago. Right now, with the proper keywords and optimized Listing of your business page on Google my business, your business will be featured on Google maps and other local search and you can get direct traffic back to your website.

This is only going to get better in 2020. A lot of new businesses are going to get the chance to get features at spectacular spots on Google maps.

If you’re yet to have your business profile listed on Google My Business then you’ll want to get that done now.

Understand Google’s BERT

BERT, AKA, Bid Directional Encoders Representations, is Google’s latest attempt at using Natural Language Processing to deliver better results for Google users based on their search intent.

With the coming of Google’s BERT update, many things have changed in the SEO world.

The idea about BERT is for Google to have better understanding of the intent behind search queries and the context of a particular post…

Thus, with the existence of BERT, there will be less reliance on Keywords optimization…

Because, beyond keywords, context, semantics and user intent will be used in determining what search result to put up.

With BERT, even some well optimized posts may not show up on Google. So, more than focusing on keywords, you’ll want to target semantics, synonyms, LSI keywords etc in your posts.

Pay more attention to your semantics and content analysis rather than focusing on keywords optimization. Continue to target featured snippets! Featured Snippet remains one of the best ways to take up more search real estate and dominate your competitors in the SERPs.

Create Better Content

Despite recent algorithm changes, content still plays a very important role in search engine optimization.

For your content to get better rankings, you’ll have to focus on writing not just fresh content but the best content in your niche.

A well written and promoted content will help you get back links and an improved ranking on Google.

Write Long form Content

Long form content has usually been one of the best ways to get better and widespread long tail keywords across your content.

A long form content will help you use as much keywords, target semantics and LSI within your content.

When this is done right, you’ll be able to generate a decent amount of traffic to your website.

Also, you can take your well performing content, enlarge it, make it better, more thorough and continue to get even more traffic from the post.

Include video Content as part of Your Content

As usual, video content is still going to be on the rise especially in some target geopolitical regions.

Instead of focusing on written content alone, expand to video content also.

You can use one content and transform them into different forms including written content, audio and videos.

Improve your User experience

With the current updates to Google algorithms, user experience has once again become an important ranking factor.

In 2020 you don’t just need a very beautiful website. You need a website that delivers a great user experience for your users.

Factors like your loading speed will play a role in your search rankings. Also, the structural design of your website should help users navigate the website very easily.

This are all aimed at enhancing a user’s stay on your website thus reducing bounce rates.

EAT will still be an important SEO ranking factor

Google’s recent ranking update EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) will still mark an important ranking factor in Google search in 2020.

Some niches like Medicals and Finance among others will demand a lot of expertise, trust and authoritativeness from the writers before such posts can rank.

For this reason, if you’re writing on this niche, instead of focusing on ranking, focusing on building expertise and trustworthiness for your brand.

This will help you rank faster.

Use Structured Data to answer Frequently Asked Questions on your blog

Here’s where we’ll stop on top SEO trends in 2020 and actionable steps to take.

Remember, search engine is going to be as dynamic as ever hence it’s in your place to evolve as the algorithms keeps evolving.

What are your thoughts? Let’s hear you.

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