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You’re a small business owner.

Lately, you’ve been thinking about how to to create content that will add more value to your clients, generate leads and drive more income for your business?

Here’s a collection of the top 5 content marketing tips you need to achieve this.

These content marketing tips are not only going to help you as you set out to get better results for your content; they are going to help you create a more meaningful and rewarding content, both for you and your audience.

Alright! Let’s dig in.

What exactly is Content Marketing?

Ok… Let’s chunk this down a bit?

Content is a piece of article, blog post, video, infographic, white paper etc, created with the sole purpose of creating value for others in order to drive a specific outcome.

And Marketing?

So Content Marketing collectively is the process of creating and sharing Content, for the purpose of driving traffic to your platforms (websites or social media) in order to get new customers, increase engagement, make more sales or simply increase your brand awareness.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Let me tell you a little secret.

Content marketing is not just the future of marketing; it is at the heart of most successful digital marketing campaigns today.

Now don’t take my word for it, here’s a story line…

A little while ago, a relatively new Los Angeles-based company, Dollar Shave Club released a $4,500 video content about their no-employee small-budget company.

Two days later, this video brought in 12,000 new customers, over 9.5 million views, and 100,000+ new followers on their social media platforms.

Now that’s the power of a viral content.

As a newbie entrepreneur working on showcasing your expertise, Content Marketing is one of the biggest tools you’ll use in creating huge awareness for your brand.

Now despite the importance of getting it right with Content Marketing, a lot of marketers still make mistakes, so here’s why these tips are very important for you as content marketer.

Top 5 Content Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

Below are the top Content Marketing tips you need to know as content marketer…

Understand the essence of Content Marketing

Because content marketing is very important when it comes to achieving your business goals, before embarking on posting and updating content, you have to find out the exact essence of what you’re doing.

To do this very well, you’ll want to understand the reason you’re engaging on this particular content marketing effort.

So you’re going to ask yourself, what exactly do I want to do with this post or video or essay I’m about to create?

Asking this question will help you streamline your content in a way it will help you achieve the goals you want.

So if your intention is to raise curiosity with your audience when they read your content, you’ll create such content that can raise the level of curiosity you’ll want.

Also, where your set objective is to drive customers to your product and services, you’ll create content that can help you achieve that goal.

Set Measurable Goals for Each Content you create.

Setting measurable goals for your content can be really challenging especially when you’re just starting out and running a one man business.

This is why many bloggers and content marketers do not bother to set measurable goals for their content. Instead, they work on creating more and more content which seems simpler to do.

Now here’s the truth you should know…

Going about your content marketing effort without set goals is not just deadly; it can lead to a huge waste of your time and even end up as an effort in futility.

Because, even when you keep producing more and more content; your content is hardly bringing in any tangible result.

So why waste time producing content without any set goal?

Work with a Content Marketing Calendar

To avoid creating goal-less content and create a better result for your content marketing campaign, you’ll need a content marketing calendar.

This will help you sort out some of these issues mentioned earlier.

How to Create a Content Marketing Calendar

Instead of waiting to create different kinds of content at different times of the year, focus on creating a content marketing calendar for each specific year.

To do this, you’ll need to set a specific and measurable (or SMART) goal for your business each year… then customize your content marketing calendar to reflect this goal.

So for instance, if my goal for the year 2020 is to reach 100 new clients at Dec. 31st, my content will be planned to take each client through processes that will lead to conversions…

So I can start with producing content that will attract the audience I need.

The next batch of content will focus on introducing this audience to my brand… educating them and building trust with my brand, then finally I’ll create content that will help ignite their interest in buying from me.

Your content calendar should reflect each stage of your client’s journey as you work on achieving your overall content marketing goals.

If you’re updating content on a weekly basis, be sure each topic you have for the week has a specific goal that is in line with your yearly target goal for the blog.

Now this will mean mapping out an all-round content strategy for your business, based on each result you want to achieve at specific periods during the year.

Measure the Performance of your Content

As a small business owner, It is not enough you set measurable goals for your content marketing effort…

It is very important you work on measuring the performance of each content.

So to do this, you’ll want to use relevant analytic tools to measure the result of your content based on the set goals.

Measuring your content performance will help you understand where to improve or other areas to focus on for a better result.

Provide Consistent Value with each Content you Create

It’s obvious one of the reasons people will keep coming back to your platform will be based on the value they get from doing that.

This is why it’s very important you provide consistent value to your users through your content.

Again you should also understand that the value you create will not only make them come back to your platform, it will also go a long way in helping them understand or acknowledge your expertise.

So you’ll not just have to put out value, you’ll have to keep pushing out consistent value in every single content you make.

Now here’s just a few of the most important content marketing tips you need as a small business owner.

Remember, content marketing is not just about creating and sharing content, it’s a strategic way to provide value, drive clients and expand your business…

And for this reason you should be more focused on sharing purposeful, measurable and strategic content on a consistent basis.

Alright so there you have the most important content marketing tips for small businesses.

Want to expand your business and reach a larger audience? Read here.

Watch out as we keep updating this page with more content marketing tips that will grow your business, and help you achieve your goals.

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