I’m beginning to think writing is one of the most creative and craziest craft out there.

Seriously. As a writer, You can write almost anything out of anything.

A non issue like what you ate last night could make a serious topic for your readers. I’m not even talking about minor and major incidence. Nothing skips our attention at all.

Imagine I was just discussing with my friend Chukwuemeka some days back then he suddenly asked me, can you tell me the long and short term benefits of blogging please?

And then i was like, really? Benefits of blogging?

Here I was. I never thought about individual benefits of blogging in a long while though I was enjoying it. So I didn’t give him an answer instantly.

After some minutes, I was like, what’s actually the benefit of blogging?

Like i asked myself, I’m also asking you, what’s the benefits of blogging and why should you even bother yourself becoming a renowned blogger even when you’re already a writer?

Well, you don’t really have to answer that question because I’ve done that for you already.

Below are a list of12 Reasons Every writer Should Own A Blog. Enjoy.

Long term benefit of having a writer’s blog.

1.You can make a business out of your blog. You’ve probably come across writers that have a huge platform on the internet right?

Can you think of why they built those platforms or what they are doing with it?

Actually you don’t have to bother your head thinking so much. Writers blog because they want to set up an online platform to expand their influence and take their craft to the next level.

So you tell yourself… I’m also an established writer. But, how can i also enhance my craft or even grow my influence on the internet. How?

And i tell you…

Get a blog. Write content on a particular topic you know a lot about. The better the depth quality of content you write, the more people see you as an expert that can fix their issues.

The more you’re seen as expert, the more they share your posts (because it’s worth sharing) and tell other people about you. With this more people get to know and recognize your brand.

Over time, they recommend you to others who then bring their problem to you so you can help solve it for them.

The more problem you solve, the more you smile to the bank. I’m sure no business beats this.

2. Publish your book and promote on your blog. Yes you read that right. As a writer, it’s possible you’ve written a book already or you’ll one day write a book.

And err… It’s not just books I’m talking about here. You could have ideas about products too. Or even services, inventions, innovations etc.

You can also promote all these things on your blog instantly.

I’ve seen a lot of blog and websites designed solely for the purpose of promoting one of these. In fact the four hour work week by Tim Ferris is a classic example of this system.

The site is basically used to promote his book, the 24 hour work day. And so many people have come to know about the book because of the blog.

Besides Tim, Jack Canfield, Rick Warren and many others are also promoting their other products and services right on their writer’s blog. And why shouldn’t you?

3. Blog to improve your writing skills or establish yourself thought leader in whatever field of expertise you’re good at.

Everyone sees a writer with a blog as someone that’s a bit advanced in their writing. Of course this is not necessarily true in all cases. But that’s what comes to mind most often.

And you know what?… As a writer with your own blog, you can even be even more popular than most published authors if you know your onions.

Because unlike an author who doesn’t have a blog, you won’t have to depend on the people in your locality to know about your books.

With your blog, you can take your destiny in your hands. Market your books. Get the word out about it. And share your story with people all around the world.

You can do all this right on your blog, in your room, your kitchen or anywhere you’d want to, without placing a call on anyone.

And besides blogging, you can publish series of articles on your blog and have them collected together as books whenever you feel like.

4. You can blog to promote an offline business. For instance as an educational consultant, let’s say you’re into helping young adults get admitted into A-list universities.

You can offer solutions on how to get started, how to perform well in University Matriculation Exams and so on then inform readers you’re available for further paid assistance in your contact or services page like this (link to your services).

Trust me everyone love free things but the more quality solutions you offer, the more they will most likely come back to you for your paid services or recommend you to others when they need further help.

So many digital entrepreneurs like Neil Patel use this approach.

5. Blog to expand your influence. Unlike your fb account, a blog gives you access to millions of people on the web and all over the world to read your content.

If you’re a politician, an activist or even the guy next door. This is one way to build influence, large follower ship, and change the world.

For instance, this site VictorWinners.com was read by over 370,000 people, from more than 126 countries as at 1st May 2016 (when i first wrote this post) And the number is growing still.

Your ability to influence people from different countries, tribes, religious groups, right from the corner of your room is worth a hundred books that could only be published and sold in your local community.

6. Make passive income promoting or recommending other people stuff on your blogs: when you own a blog as a writer, you can also promote products, books etc from other writers like you, including your friends and even people you don’t know.

And they will pay you for it when your readers buy the products following through your blog.

Now the interesting thing about this is that you don’t have to do anything actively. You just use links to the products on your blog posts or write a review about the products, then share it with your friends. That’s all.

7. Your writer’s blog helps you get instant feedback. Unlike an author without a blog who has to wait for months or even years after publishing so he can get feedback.

With your writing blog, you get instant feedback from readers in the comments section of your post, whenever you try different writing styles, or new ideas.

You can use this to test run your stuff so you can get instant reaction from readers then make adjustment where necessary until you get what you’re comfortable with.

8. Establish yourself as an expert in your field: Like I said earlier, you may not gain attention just because you own another blog out there on a particular industry but overtime, as you keep publishing quality and helpful content, people will begin to see you as the expert and go to person for consulting deals, advice and interviews.

I’m sure you’ve heard about outstanding bloggers like Daren Rowse, Jon Morrow etc… These guys are world known experts in copyblogging and blog traffic respectively. All thanks to their blogs.

Short Term Benefits of opening a writer’s blog.

9. Improved credibility: As someone writing on the internet, there are certain things you’ll have to learn before you can blog successfully.

Learning these things will improve your writing skills. And in the long run your confidence will grow just as you build up your brand and credibility.

Because you have a larger audience and both Google to please, you will research and write better high value content so your blog can rank higher on search engines.

This will not only boost your blog, it will enhance your brand. With time you can also use your blog as some portfolio of sort.

10. Become Online Guru: Like i mentioned earlierWhen you set up your writer’s blog, you will learn skills that will help you manage your blog.

As time goes on, you will become more internet savvy as you will get more experience on how to make the internet work for you and your business.

Personally, I’ve learned so much since I became a blogger. From graphics to website designing, content marketing and then search engine optimization, I’ve learnt 101 skills through blogging, in the process of seeking improvement. And I’m sure you’ll learn so much more.

11. Your blog will give you more liberty to express yourself. Express Yourself. Let me confess. So many things I couldn’t say on my social media platform, I found my blog a more better place to share it.

Why? Because my blog readers are much more diverse and different people.

When i first got my blog back then, i began to write and express myself with more liberty. Because i was like, Ok fine, my close friends and family may not even read this so what? And even if they do? It’s my blog!

Seriously, if you’re a writer that’s always scared of saying your mind either because you feel someone will report your Facebook post and get it down, then you really need to start a blog.

Because when you do, your blog will always be yours. No one will be able to report your write ups to anyone or even question your right to express your opinion. And no one will take down your blog posts.

I learnt to write and express my thoughts with more confidence. So much so that this confidence began to be felt even in my social media posts.

12. Your writer’s blog gives you the chance to change many lives even from your little corner of the world. If you’ve been passionate about changing lives through your posts then owning a blog is one of the best things to do.

Because just like what I’m doing here, every quality post you write about will be able to change other people’s lives and help them in ways you may never know. Yes.

I have had people call, send emails etc to thank me for my articles, telling me how it changed their lives. And this is something you can do as well.

So these are just 12 of the 101 reason every writer should own a writer’s blog.

Do you have any other reasons why writers should open a writer’s blog? Share with us.

Do you need help setting up a blog as a writer? Let’s help you.

Victor Winners.


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