Starting out as a new blogger is not only a bit overwhelming sometimes you can become really confused considering the myriads of information you’ll have to handle.

In this post, which is my answer to questions from readers and other new bloggers, I have listed out 6 of the most important tips for new bloggers.

With these tips, you should be well equipped to start out well on your way to creating a successful blog.

Alright then. Let’s get started.. This is a summary of what you’ll learn below.

Know your 4wh: why what when where how.
Know your audience.
Write content.
Write content.



Okay.  So…  So. Many people been asking like Victor what’s the best blogging tips for new bloggers.

Now I will try to answer this briefly in this post. The number one tip I will give any new blogger is this…

1. Know your 4WH.

Your 4WH is your What. Why. When. Where. How.

It’s like asking yourself, What do I really want to do? Or achieve with blogging?

This answer helps you understand your motive and then streamline your actions towards achieving it.

So for instance if my motive is to blog so I can make money blogging. I will just write it down. Then ask myself, why do I really want to do this?

This leads us to the second W: Why? Your why is your purpose. It’s what is going to stir you when you feel like quitting.

Many people give up on blogging and other digital business too soon because they don’t really understand their why.

We’re not going to let this happen that’s why you’re going to really ask yourself, what’s the purpose behind my blogging.

If it’s all about making money online so you can further your studies or get better accommodation for your family, you have to write it down.

The next thing is When: This talks about the timeline for achieving the objective of your blogging.

Here you ask yourself, with my level of knowledge for instance, at what time can I comfortably achieve this?

You don’t have to tie yourself to any time. All you need do is create a powerful timeline that will keep you committed to reaching the goal.

After that we’ll talk about the fourth “W” Where: this helps you understand where the majority of your effort will be focused.

As you already know, blogging is done online so understanding this helps you put in place the necessary software and hardware appliances that will help you operate from online.

So for instance you will get your tablets, smartphone and laptops ready. Plan when you should use alternatives like public computers, business centres when necessary etc.

Then the very last component is the “H“: H stands for How. It answers the question, how am I going to really achieve these blogging objectives?

This is where you’ll set up a blogging schedule. Like for instance, schedules days and hours you’ll write, days you will promote across social media, other blogs and platforms, Days you will finally sell etc.

Affix a target expectation to each of those activities. So for instance if I promote my blog across social media for this number of times within this week, I should be able to reach this number of people.

Or if I do this consistently at so and so time, I will have that. This briefly explains how you will achieve the laid down goals.

And you should write this down. Improve on it where necessary. And make sure you follow it every single time you’re engaging in any of your blogging activities.

2. Know your audience. OK now the next thing to do is getting to know your audience.

Depending on your goal set out in H1, you should be able to know which audience will help you achieve this goal.

So let’s say you’re trying to become a professional blogging coach for instance, you will want to target website owners, small businesses and other blogging enthusiasts with your posts.

Same thing for someone planning to make money blogging through advertising. You will want to create posts that will bring in your target audience to your blog.

3. Write contents. Yes. And for the non initiates, content is your blog updated. Be it videos, podcast, graphics etc, whatever you will be updating on your blog that’s content.

So to be able to create an outstanding blog, you must write content that is great, well researched and positioned towards achieving a particular objective.

You don’t want to write content for writing sake right? So before you get started, ask yourself, based on my 4WH, what’s the objective of this content? What do I want to achieve with this?

This will help you measure the impact of the content at the end of the day. And with this, you will understand if the content has achieved it’s aim or not.

From there if it’s not attained it’s objectives, you can decide the next line of action to take. Whether to tweak or make it better next time.

4. Write content. Yes. This is the second sub heading I’m writing about contents. To really show you how important it is…

You have to write good contents for your readers.

Study your audience. Understand the kind of content they like depending on your 4WH up there.

Depending on your purpose, some content will need to be small like 500 words text contents for instance or a 5 minutes video.

Some contents might have to be larger too. Like 2-5000 words text, 30 minutes video etc.

What’s going to determine the length of your content will be the purpose of the content.

That’s why for instance if you’re writing a tutorial on how to publish on amazon for instance it might have to be far more than 1000 words etc. Compared to writing a summary about the latest accident in your neighborhood.

So understand your audience and write content that will meet their needs.

5. Promote: This is called shipping. Ship your content to where your audience are gathered. Get it away from your blog.

Get it to your fb page, twitter handle, instagram, YouTube etc.
These platforms helps you expand the reach of your contents.

When you’re sharing your contents on social media, you’ll want to organize it in a way that will attract your readers to click on the links and read on your blog.

Try to avoid the mistake of sharing empty links and hoping people will just click and read your blog. Most newbies make this mistakes. This will make people see you as being spammy.

6. Sell: Yes. This is the Golden Egg of blogging and content marketing, selling.

So you should be able to have something people can buy from you as a blogger.

Now this doesn’t mean you should start selling as soon as you start blogging. Many people make this mistake. And then it becomes a good turnoff to most readers.

So as a new blogger, what you’ll want to do first of all is to build an audience. Give them some good free stuff for a while. Then sell them your stuff after your blog has gained a reasonable traffic and readers.

Your products here can be physical items or digital products or even other people’s products you sell for commissions.

Just get them ready and get set to sell when you’ve created some good ripples with your blog.

This is all we got for now.

PS: Remember your 4WH will also help you decide on your branding and most other things about your blog and digital business.

Got any questions? Ask me!

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