How to get your website on Google first page

Whether you’re a new blog that started yesterday or a long established website, one of your foremost concerns is to get your website on Google’s first page, as soon as possible.

Because it’s normal. This is the only way your customers can find you. And probably, the easiest way you can close more sales online and eventually achieve the goal of setting up the website.

But really, getting on Google’s first page is hard. In fact, according to a recent research, over 90 percent of website contents gets zero traffic from Google. Meaning, no one reads them.

And most times, this is clearly not because they couldn’t do better, as there are a lot of issues that comes to play, when it comes to getting visibility on Google.

For us at Winners Digital, we have worked with a good number of websites from diverse countries to get them on Google first page for specific keywords. And in this post, I will be sharing some of the secrets that helped these websites crack the visibility code to get better ranking and better sales.

Optimize your Website

One of the first things you must do to get your website on Google’s first page is to optimize your website.

Regardless of the website platform you’re building on, without putting in place an SEO optimization measures for your website, you’ll hardly get any visibility for the website.

Now, the following are things you should optimize for;

First Time Configuration: This involves using SEO plugins like Yoast or other popular plugins to configure your website after the initial set up. It is the most basic set of optimization which tells the search engine some vital information about the website like what it represents, its social profiles and other data.

Website Page’s Optimization: Here you’ll optimize the pages on the website with important information relevant to your preferred target audience and your business, using your target key words. At this point also, it is crucial you use relevant keywords for all headers, titles and meta tags, as well as your description tags.

Website UI Optimization: Your user interface is an important aspect of your website that needs to be optimized if you want to get your website on Google first page. So, at this stage, you have to ensure your website is loading fast for both mobile and desktop user. This is an important factor Google considers when ranking websites.

Create Better Content

It’s a no brainer. Content is at the heart of everything website visibility. When it comes to getting your website on Google first page, one of your surest strategy is creating a better content.

Naturally, one of the most obvious rules about getting visibility for new websites is that if you want to get your new website to rank fast, you have to write better content than your competition.

But then, it is beyond better content. Outside creating great content, you have to provide far more value than others are doing. So, you want to make your posts very detailed, informative and far better than what the industry is creating.

Of course this can be difficult for beginners. It’s harder to create a really outstanding content if you’re competing against other websites with far more established set of writers etc.

If you find yourself in this situation then you have to brace up to invest more time in your content writing.

You might have to be posting less than often but when ever you post, you have to create something really worthwhile.

For me and my team, In a situation where our competition has better content that might seem difficult to best them, we bring in our own perspective. And by leveraging our perspectives, we add new lessons, new experiences that creates a new level of uniqueness for our posts.

You see, the web is already filled with a lot of regurgitated stuff. Many people are rewriting and passing out what they read from other blogs and this is adding very little value to users in most cases.

You can choose to do something about this by creating content that is more original and valuable and distinguished.

Beyond quality also, be sure that your content is relevant to your target audience. What this means is that before creating piece of content, you’ll have to research and understand what matters to your audience and what they are currently searching online.

Target Less Popular Keywords

Keywords are very important when it comes to strategies to get your website on Google first page. But to get even faster rank, you have to target less popular keywords or alternate keywords and long tail keywords.

Reason is because the popular keywords are already targeted by well established and existing website competing with yours. So, instead of competing with them, focus on targeting alternatives of those keyword that’s not too popular. This is one strategy that’s helped a lot of our clients.

So, if the original keyword you have in mind is web designer for example. And this keyword happens to be very popular with stiff competition, you can target an alternative like small business website designer.

Although the second keyword might not bring in as much traffic as the former, it will give you a decent traffic that will position your website for visibility.

So, where you would have been able to rank at the fourth or fifth page on your best effort with the popular keyword, the latter keyword gets you a spot on the front page because it is not all that competitive.

Post & Promote Consistently

To make a real mark that gets your website on Google first page, you need a level of consistency in your content update.

Agreed, quality trumps quantity in content marketing, but; if you really want your new website to rank fast, you still need a reasonable amount of content.

And there must be a certain level of consistency throughout your postings. You don’t want to create posts on week 1, then post nothing on week 2, only to come back on week 3.

Such inconsistency will not help you especially as you’re working out on building a new audience.

So, you want to choose a certain number of days to make a post and stick to it. Doing this helps you in building a level of trustworthiness with your audience.

With that, they can always know when to expect a new post form you. And with such knowledge you will build an ever-ready audience that’s ready to consume your content, whenever you create them.

Also, you have to invest in promoting your posts too. You can do this on the social media, via different forums, groups etc. It gets more people to see the content.

And the more people see and spend time to read your content, the more such content gets a better visibility on search engine results page.

Leverage Social Media

As a beginner, the social media can do a whole lot for you especially when you plan to get your website on Google first page.

Now, the three major roles the social media plays on your website are; improving website trustworthiness which is an indirect ranking factor, creating initial back links, and serving as a source for new clients..

Get your website on Google first page
You can leverage social media to get better visibility for your website| Image credits: Andrea Piacquadio

Starting with the last, if you’re providing some services on your website either as a freelancer or an agency, you can leverage the social media to build social proof and gather some fans for your blog.

These new fans can become your first paid set of clients while you build your website’s traffic and wait for even more paid clients from the search engine.

Also, the social media can serve as your first port of call to get backlinks and traffic over to your website.

So, instead of leaving your posts on your blog, after you create them, you get to share them on your social media handles and get your friends over to read these posts on your site and share with their friends. This creates an initial buzz for the post.

Finally, getting your social media pages linked to your websites are key indicators that will boost your credibility. And this trustworthiness is one of the factors that counts when it comes to getting better website visibility.

Get Back links

Backlinks or referral from prominent websites are part of the key signals that helps search engines like Google to determine the usefulness of a web page.

A single back link from a high authority website can do a whole lot to get your website to Google first page. That’s why you need to get back links.

As much as possible, target getting backlinks and referrals from top websites in your niche. Doing this will get your content a more prominent visibility on search engine results page. With this, the website gets bigger chances at a better traffic.

As a new website, you already have a little disadvantage because most web masters prefer linking to already established websites instead of new ones so the following are some things you can do to get backlinks fast;

Write Great Content. Usually, only exceptional content with huge value can generate natural backlinks. So, to get your website to rank fast, you need to create a ton of really good content.

Promote your Content: Even after creating great content, to get more people to see it, you have to promote your posts on platforms like social media, online forums, web 2.0 websites etc. These are also ways to build backlinks naturally.

Create Guest Posts: Guest posts are content published on other websites. Creating guest posts gives you the chance to publish your content on another website while getting a backlink in return. It’s a great way to build backlinks and brand visibility. And there are a number of websites looking for guest posts.

Request for Backlinks. In some cases to actually get backlinks, you’ll have to request for it by asking website with relevant audience to link to your content. Especially when the content is beneficial to the website’s audience.

You can also engage in link building using other big web 2.0 websites like, BlogSpot, Medium etc.

Posting quality content and linking on these websites back to your own website can give you a ton load of boosts in your ranking.

Use Paid Promotion

Where organic SEO cannot generate your expected traffic at the right time, using paid advertising can get your website on Google first page.

Although you may not necessarily have to use it as a permanent SEO strategy, you can still use paid promotion as part of your temporary strategy to get your website off the ground. Especially for brand new websites.

This is more like a last resort for businesses especially where you’re in a hurry to rank a website fast or get some traffic and clients back to your websites.

Doing this keeps your website coming up with activities while you’re doing other things to build your organic traffic.

There are three popular options you can use as part of your paid promotion strategies. This includes; using paid search ads like Google adwords, using Social Media Ads for traffic and sponsored posts with backlinks.

You can choose either of these, depending on your needs and goals.

Final Words

In conclusion, you can actually get your website on Google first page, using strategies you just read in this guide but to get real results, you must take all necessary steps to implement these strategies our website.

These strategies listed here has helped my team and hundreds of other SEO experts to provide a better visibility for websites in a short period of time and it can achieve same for you.

Alternatively, you can hire our team and we’ll take you by the hand as we work together to create and implement strategies that will drive improved visibility and deliver better outcomes for your business.

So, there you have what it takes to rank a website fast, regardless whether it’s a ne or old website. Now the question is, which of these strategies is more important for you? Drop your comments below!

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